Your favorite non-Twilight Zone anthology episodes?

I have never understood the critiques of “San Junipero”. The only sub-par Black Mirror for me is “The Waldo Moment”, and it is still better than most things Hollywood produces.

I’ve read critiques of “San Junipero” that say " it was too obvious". For me, it was obvious that it was VR from the second scene. There was no attempt to hide that. I find the question profound. Are things that happen in VR as valid as things that happen in the real world? My nephews love their video games. I am someone who would rather hike to Angel’s Landing. Who’s experience is more real?-----I just don’t know.

I have to mentally prepare myself before I watch an episode of Black Mirror.

There was an episode of Friday the 13th (the series about cursed objects, not the slasher movie franchise) that featured mirror found by a homely high schooler that made people find her irresistibly attractive.

To See The Invisible Man was incredible.

So many of my favorites have already been mentioned so I’ll toss in “Battleground” from “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” based on a Stephen King story.

you want the goosebumps special Halloween episode that almost got it taken off fox back in the day ?

The one where theres two kids in the modern age that keep having this dream about being in some medieval kingdom and they wear this jewelry piece that someone steals to break a spell

Then they end up back in the medieval age where they learn that there the prince and princess and their uncle is puling a Richard III on them to take over and there was a spell that sent them into the future and it failed they get another spell again just in time but this time they know what’s going on

What upset people was it was dark and graphic for Saturday morning I mean the kids crying and begging not to be killed and such…

DwaGW was just on tonight. I wonder what ever became of the hand; would be a cool prop to have for a sci-fi collector.

I started Black Mirror because of the recommendations of this thread. The show is absolutely brilliant and stunning if you have the stomach for it. It is the Twilight Zone on steroids. The first episode where the Princess is kidnapped and will be killed unless the PM has sex with a pig on live television seems like exactly something a creepy bastard of modern day would suggest.

Great Post/Dopername combination

(although I know you based your Dopername on Heinlein’s “Waldos”)

Its kind of shocking how many anthology horror shows there are.

Ones I think are good.

Fear itself - family man
Masters of horror - cigarette burns, family, the screwfly solution
Alfred Hitchcock presents (80s version) - final escape

Came here to say the “Something in the Closet” episode of Tales from the Darkside. Another Tales I liked was the Grither episode (it’s Christmas themed).

I was a fan of the show Monsters but no individual episodes are coming to me at the moment.

An Amazing Stories that stuck with me of years but didn’t hold up when I finally found it and rewatched it was an episode of Amazing Stories where a nerdy guy accidentally discovers if he spills these two chemicals on a picture the thing in the picture comes to life. Of course he uses it to try and create a hot girl. Talk about wish fulfillment for a nerdy teenager.

I REMEMBER that one! And he had to kiss them within a certain amount of time or they dissolved?

That’s the one!

Another one, and I have no idea which show it was from was an episode where toy army men come to life. It may have been based on a Stephen King story that has a similar premise.

I never saw it coming. It was definitely hinted at that the black girl (forget her name) was other worldly, but I thought the main protagonist was living real life. The episode definitely makes one think. Should one go to San Junipero after death? Heaven isn’t guaranteed, so maybe you should. But you would not be with your loved ones who died prior to the technology.

Further, as was said, what do you do with “forever”? Probably go crazy like those freaks at the one bar. Very thought provoking.

A few that jump to mind:

Night Gallery’s version of Conrad Aiken’s Silent Snow, Secret Snow, narrated by Orson Welles with music by Paul Glass; a boy gets drawn into his own inner world insulated by snow. It’s very strange and unsettling.

Alfred Hitchcock Present’s are mostly all good, but two that stand out is the first episode Revenge - a man finds the stranger who is upsetting his wife who is battling mental issues… and The Jar, Ray Bradbury’s tale of a curio bought from a traveling carnival of a large jar containing a . . . what is it?

And for the kids: Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of the Frozen Ghost with one of the greatest lines ever: “I’m cold”. The ending is cute and formulaic but cheerful. With Melissa Joan Hart

On the subject of night gallery ‘the boy who predicted earthquakes’ was a really good episode.

All three of the stories in the pilot if Night Gallery were excellent. Roddy McDowell gaslighting his uncle, Joan Crawford stealing sight and, um, I forget who played the Nazi in the third story. These are the only stories I really remember from Night Gallery. Probably because it was on way past my bedtime.