Your Favourite Rock/Pop/Jazz numbers with prominent brass section

Sorry. I was looking at multiple Morphine vids. Posted the wrong one.

Ah - that’s the ticket!


Or a duet? :slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking of multi-taskers (here on sax and clarinet with Colosseum), there’s Dick Heckstall-Smith.

Streetlight Manafesto has an amazingly talented horn section I dig their cover of Keasby Nights

Of bands I’ve seen live, I’ve been most impressed with Reel Big Fish.

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oops - forgot - this totally rules my world even more than the Stones’ “Rocks Off”…

George Harrison’s “What is Life”

Also best post-Beatles number IMNSHO.

Al Green, Love and Happiness. The horns are my favorite part of an all around perfect recording.

Some covers of previously posted tunes from the other side of the world:

My sincere thanks to whomever it was on this Message Board who introduced me to these musicians.

Nice - I’m no expert, but are you sure that isn’t a soprano sax rather than a clarinet?

These examples of polysaxophony are intriguing, but I wouldn’t want to derail the thread - so with that in mind I started a separate one on impressive examples of of musicians playing two instruments at the same time.

It would be great if you and @Paintcharge could repost your examples there - I don’t want to steal your thunder.


Good observation - I’d go with that.

Captain Beefheart’s When I See Mommy I feel Like a Mommy features sax, crazy trombone and (I think) tuba.
Absolutely beatific. As sweet and lyrical as it gets. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great example, but one little nitpick: it’s called “When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy”. Makes a difference :grin:.

Might have been mentioned already, but Spoon came on the stereo last night with Underdog and made me think of this thread.

Cake has some good horn work, too.

Ah yes - indeed, does a make a difference. :slightly_smiling_face:

Straight-ahead, punchy brass in Scratch Acid’s “Damned For All Time.” (uh yeah - might as well link stuff like that, from here on.)

Heh, I love me some David Yow (except for his burping and farting tendencies, in person), but his singing doesn’t even compare, there, to Carl Anderson’s, in the original. (which, of course, is to be expected, but still, pretty funny in that regard…)

Good one! One of the few rock bands with a steady trumpet player. Two examples:

My submission: many of the best songs by Van Morrison had great brass sections, for instance:

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