Your Mount Rushmore of post-1976 American Conservatives

ok ok my last one honest

Ben Carson
Phyllis Schlafly
Jon Voight

Pat Buchanan

Lincoln isn’t post 1976. He isn’t even post 1876. And he would be appalled by modern American conservatism.

Schlafly isn’t really post 1976 either. She did most of her damage in the 70s.

:man_facepalming: ACK!

I guess my Segretti, Goldwater and Wallace offings from earlier were also off the mark.


Which was indeed my intent, with hopes his spirit in the afterlife could see such a Celebration in Rock, as would Wallace’s spirit getting maybe a little squicked out in the company of Davis/Yian./Emmanuel.

Trump would sue you for using his likeness without payment.

Unless the monument was dedicated to him and only him.

So that’s my answer. Four Trump heads, with varying expressions.

I don’t think it’s technically possible to sculpt his prehensile rectum of a mouth to that scale.
I’d like to revise my list:
Gingrich- these two ended bipartisanship in each chamber and turned politics into a zero-sum bloodsport.
Ailes: morphed Hate Radio into the Fox News bubble and poisoned a generation of minds
Falwell: same reason as I gave earlier, weaponized a perverted version of Christianity