Your next vacation will be to a "stan" country. Which one do you pick?

Pakistan has the best human rights (not saying a whole lot) but I’d be afraid of being killed, same with Afghanistan. It’s probably ok in many parts though.

Turkmenistan is the worst on the list. Creepy personality cults. Tajikstan had lots of strife in the past, I don’t know how it is now. Uzbekistan is of course assholes.

So I went with Kyrgyzstan, the second best human rights, although Kazakhstan is probably fine to visit. I might not pick up the language while I’m there, but I’d hope I’d at least least how to pronounce Kyrgyzstan.

Pakistan, I guess. If I stay in the Eastern portion I can speak Urdu so can at least be understood, and the culture is very like my own people - I’d just cover my head with my chunni more often. At least I have salwar-kameez; not exactly what they wear, but still decent and covering enough.

Glancing at my user name, I’d feel a little silly picking anything other than Uzbekistan for a first trip ;).

Your location lists you as Upstate New York. Might I inquire as to who your people are?

I voted Kazakhstan. I know they have a lot of potassium for me to buy, legalized prostitution for me to enjoy, and I’ve always wanted to attend the annual running of the Jews

Uzbekistan is roughly where Tamurlaine was based, and some people think the “white” human phenotype sort of traces back to there (I don’t know why); so that’s interesting-ish. But Almaty is in Kazakhstan, and that’s where the domestic apple tree comes from, so as a fan of fruit trees, I guess Kazakhstan wins my business.

And yes, I’d go out in the woods and look at wild apple trees. I’m boring.

If you were the real Tamerlane, wouldn’t you want to go anywhere but Ukbekstan? You probably shouldn’t rape and pillage your own lands too often!

Stay away from China in winter.

I miss out on so many jokes by having never seen Borat.

I second the Rappin Ronnie Cain vote.

Well, the first point or two is from “the National Anthem”. The last one is from a scene.

So Lojbanistan is out? :slight_smile: How about Ukogbanistan? (My family is from there…)

(I vote for Kazakhstan, because of Baikonur…)

I picked Uzbekistan, because of Herman Cain. I know he didn’t really say it, but I loved his effort. Ubekibekibekistanstan = Uzbekistan in my mind.

Kazakhstan. My town has (had?) a sister city there, so I could probably visit and be treated like a king.


Also, Khalistan, although I don’t know if I’d want to be there if it were on the week of its creation. Or Calistan.

Another reason to vist Uzbekistan: the Nukus Museum of Art

Hehe,I picked Kyrgyzstan so I could remember how to spell it.

Additionally, as a point of trivia, Uzbekistan is one of two landlocked countries surrounded by landlocked countries (the other being Lichtenstein.)

The entire silk road is on my bucket list.

Apparently the last leader of Turkmenistan made Kim Jong-il look modest. That’s got to be something to see. I’d also like to see Tashkent and Bishkek. Who’s funding this vacation?

Pakistan to go shopping at the gold bazaar and visit some friends and places I haven’t been to in a long time.