Your Pets' Names?

Thanks, Quasi. Sylvie would be delighted to warm your feet. She’s excellent at that.

There are two SuperKittehs at Casa Scubaqueen:

Turk, a ginormous part Maine Coon, part really freakin’ big cat, is named after the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Bahamas. The Divemaster named him, continuing a theme of scuba-related names for his cats: BC (buoyancy compensation device), Mako, Scuba, and at least one more of his were themed that way.

Maggie, a far smaller red tortoiseshell, is short for Miss Magnolia, the state flower of Mississippi. She came from the south - Georgia, to be precise - but I liked Mississippi’s flower better. Cherokee Rose just didn’t quite cut it.

My dog is Lucy and my cat is Bluebelle. They’re both rescues, and they both came with those names. Bluebelle was about 9 when I got her, so I didn’t want to change her name. Lucy had only had her name a few months, but it was at least her second one, and she was responding to it, so I left it alone.

I’ve only gotten to name one animal out of all my rescues - my previous cat, Eleanor. She was a grey tabby, and hadn’t had her rescue name (Nickel) very long. There was an older, grey-haired woman in my office named Eleanor, and I decided it fit my new cat. Human Eleanor got a kick out of it.

I haven’t had pets for a few years, but the last ones were the cats Figaro, after the kitty in Disney’s animated Peter Pan (the step-kids named her) and Domino (white with black spots). The dogs were Chamois (a golden retriever, her coat was the color and about as soft as a chamois cloth) and Fred (the basset hound, the step-kids struck again, naming him after my dad :stuck_out_tongue: ).

ETA: Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the beta from a couple of years ago. He was a gift from my great niece and nephew and came with the name that they gave to him: Jerry Garcia. Kids tend to pick out names that us grown ups generally wouldn’t consider.

I miss them.

4 cats

Noodle is the 16-year-old. He was, well, noodley when I got him.
Lemuria is the 9-year-old. That’s her shelter name. I often call her “mew” or “lemur”
Chico is the 3-year-old. He’s a little bruiser of a cat and a buddy-type. It fits him.
Nimbus is the 2-year-old and newest addition. He’s all-grey and very tall like a cumulonimbus cloud.

2 girls that are no longer: Katydid (shelter name that fit her perfectly) and Bunnie who was fluffy like a long-haired angora and ran like a rabbit, too.

They all have special needs of some sort or another, some that need maintenance and some that need no other special care other than knowing what their issues are. It’s a hazard of being in the veterinary/shelter industry!

If you ask my neighbors, though, they might tell you they think the cats’ names are: Jesus, Dammit, Knock It Off, and Stop It!

Gordie the giant Jack Russell is named after Gordie Howe. Nelly K. beagle has her shelter name, since it fits.

At this moment in time I have living with me the following:


Miniature Pincher:

Bo (Bocephus)

They are wonderful, and I need to get photos of them updated. Nice OP!

They’re all cats:

Denver was named after the city in Colorado.
Shiloh was from a farm on Shiloh Road.
Fiona was a name my ex-wife liked.
Hope came with a name already–she was one of a litter of three, named Faith, Hope, and Charity.
Tigger had his name already too–his previous owner named him for the Winnie-the-Pooh character.
Stripe was a feral tabby in our yard, and was referred to as “that striped cat.” When he came inside, that was shortened to “Stripe.”

In order of seniority: cat Lily, cat Leon, cat Clancy; I acquired them within a month of each other I and really like names with an “L.”
And last but not least: dog Oreo. I am his fourth owner so he already had a name. Even though I always name my pets human names I can understand where they came up with the name. He is mostly black; but has a wide stripe of white underneath. So when he lays on his side . . . he looks like a big cookie!

I should add two of our departed cats:

San Francisco (1999-2003) was Denver’s brother, and he was named for the city in California.
Annie (2000-2010) was a name my ex-wife liked.

My family’s cat is named Hershy. My sister got to name him, and she wasn’t really up to speed on the spelling of candy names then.

Our dog is named Nebula, but she was named by Guide Dogs. Each litter gets a letter that all the puppies names begin with. The keeper of the bitch and the stud get to suggest some names before the litter is born, but Guide Dogs makes the final decisions - there is a lot of name clashes with other, older litters.

My late cat was named Mitten. He got his name because that was the 1st name that came to my mind after a friend asked me for the umpteenth time, “So, what have you named your new kitten?”. RIP, Mitten, aka Mitsy paws, aka Fur-paws-puss…

I have two male Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Scooter Bear and Elwood Blues.

I’ve had Scooter so long I don’t remember where his name comes from. It was probably just chosen on the basis of how funny it sounds, and that he resembles a bear to some extent. He’s red and white and about as smart as a box of rocks. He’s very friendly, rather lazy, prone to outbursts of fairly mindless violence when he’s startled, and really fond of food. He loves to lick and lick and lick …

Elwood Blues is named after one of the Blues Brothers. He’s called that because, as a tricolor, he looks like a red-and-white dog wearing a black suit all the time. He’s also a natural performer; very active and very outgoing. He’s also the only Corgi I know of that howls. He doesn’t just emit a moan or something, he will, upon sufficient provocation, throw his head back and emit the loudest howl his vocal apparatus can manage. ‘Sufficient provocation’ includes ‘dogs or wolves on TV making dog or wolf noises where he can hear’, which sets off an instinct to defend the den. He also loves to jump and climb on things, which means he often emits this howl from the very top of the couch, which is the highest place he can reach.

A deceased dog we owned once, also a red-and-white Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was named Corky Lou, often nicknamed Lou Belle. Her name came before she did, in the form of the phonemic play ‘Corky the Corgi’, and the ‘Lou’ came to make ‘Corky Lou the corkscrew’ work. She was an intelligent, active, and, to be honest, wild and somewhat misbehaved, sometimes walking the edge of what we’d allow in a dog and watching to see how far she could go. Under all of that, though, she was definitely our pet, and loved us as much as any dog could. She had an almost wolfish dignity mixed with a dog’s playfulness and submissiveness, the mix that attracts people to keeping the more intelligent breeds as pets. She was, in her dignity and her utter self-assured arrogance around the other dogs of our house, reminiscent of an antebellum Southern belle. That is, unless she was corkscrewing around, wagging her whole body practically sideways to greet someone.

The cats:
Samrys - because she was elfin as a kitten, my husband gave her an Elvish sounding name (nerds in my house, oh yes.)
Patches - a tortie white. Dumb as a bag of hammers, sweeter than sugar. She looks like sunlight filtered through a tree.
Charlie - tortie black. Came to me pre-named by the seven year old who loved her. I took her from the mom, who protested she came home to feed her every day. Charlie was starved, dull furred with all her ribs showing and unfixed. ::mad::

The dogs:
Yoshi - when a puppy, he had ears like Yoshi the dragon. He is a big sooky lala and owns my heart completely.
Jasmine - named for the red-headed assassin in the Jaz Parks series of books, she is a red pit bull cross rescue. She is filled with happiness and beans, and tends to bounce around like water on a skillet. She is the single happiest dog I have ever seen.

Yoshi says - “It’s MINE now!”

Happy Jazzy with my son.

Samrys has asthma and takes prednisone, so she’s fat. But sweet…

Charlie would like you to know the Twilight books belong to my kid, who read them in hopes of impressing a girl. Serious. Plus, as you can see she may kill you if you don’t believe her.

Patches is beautiful. So dim, but so beautiful.

Bonus: This is how Yoshi got his name. Silly puppy. He’s about 10kgs there. He’s 33kgs now!

I just lost a very beautiful white collie-ish type dog with golden patches named…


When I (we) got it my S.O. demanded that I name it based on my damn good track record. I had a great cat named Jammer - get it!?. And another cat (black with a white stripe on it belly) named Oreo. But not wanting to shoulder the burden of naming a dog, I spouted out the first thing I though would piss said S.O. off. I happened to be watching an Elvis movie at the time. He said this line to his whacky girlfriend, " Flippy, man, reeeaal flippy".

Oh! I love this thread! We currently have a 5-year-old Boston named BlackJack, since he is black and white-like the Ace of Spades, and a 5-month-old pit/bulldog mix named ** Domino**. Domi is white with black patches, and his nose is spotted, well, like a domino…

We have a lot of 'em living with us. There are two dogs, Luke and Maya.
We also have a ratty, and her name is Thelma.
Our 9 cats are named Baggins, Mr. Brandybuck, Ronon, Teyla, Carson, Samantha, Emma, Todders, and Luca.

Yes. Our vet lurves us.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. Given how many sites require pet names as part of the password recovery process, I think pet names should be kept at “mother’s maiden name” level secrecy.

We have two AKC Siberian Huskies; Shena Punum (Yiddish for “Pretty Face”, because she has “freckles” on her nose—so cute!) and Calliste (a Greek word for “Most Beautiful”).

We also have two rescue cats; Kyla (from an Irish word for “Pretty”) and Mitzvah (Hebrew for “Blessing”).

My wife is Jewish, and my heritage is Greek and Irish, so we used those to name our animals.

Posting this from work—I can’t access my online pics. I’ll do it when I get home.