Your top three David Tennant Dr Who episodes?

  1. Blink
  2. Silence in the Library
  3. The End of Time

Thanks a bunch! Now I have goose bumps up and down my arms! :eek:

I loved The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. Just magnificent high adventure. Blink was another terrific story. I can only hope for the day that Carey Mulligan decides she wants to revisit being Sally Sparrow; thankfully, the series is sufficiently high-profile that it’s not outrageous to imagine she will (and also is likely to last long enough that it won’t go off the air before she decides to do so). And assuming the OP really means three complete stories as opposed to three episodes, I think I will go with The Girl In The Fireplace. Good mystery, bittersweet ending.

And I remain perplexed at all the love Midnight is getting.

A couple of folks have mentioned Girl in the Fireplace. IMO thats another great on for the same reasons Waters of Mars is. Another episode where Time travel basically sucks, bad things happen to good people, the Doctor can only fix so much, and in this case all this misery and sadness happens for the most pointless of reasons (and in this episode even the Doctor never knows why what happened happened).

Oddly, I think my three favorites are the ones where the Doctor barely appears:

  1. Blink
  2. Turn Left
  3. Love and Monsters

With the Doctor actually featured

  1. Voyage of the Damned
  2. Silence in the Library/Planet of the Dead
  3. Midnight

Probably because it’s a very good character episode for the 10th Doctor - it showcases his spirit of adventure, his curiosity, and his preference for solving a problem with his words instead of violence. But what really makes it a fan favorite has to be the woobie factor. Fangirls Looooove it when a cute male character gets put through the psychological wringer, and DT (in all his big eyed adorableness) plays up the trauma to the hilt at the end. I’ve heard more than one fangirl express a desire to wrap the Doctor up in a blanket and feed him soup after viewing Midnight.

But it’s also placed on the slow side, and a little too talk-y and repetitive for my tastes, so I wouldn’t put it in my top ten, let alone three.

This is an interesting thread - people are listing a lot of episodes I wouldn’t think of, and even a few I outright loath (though, as a defender of the Colin Baker era, I have no room for judgement).

I just rewatched Girl in the Fireplace last night, it’s a great one, good choice.

BBCA OnDemand’s got the first two seasons up, so I’ve been rewatching. Wow, I forgot that between the Doctor Dances and Torchwood that Jack wasn’t so hung up on keeping the snazzy coat around and he just dressed like a semi-normal person.

:rolleyes: How about the fact that it’s just a well-devised creepy story with some great acting by Tennant? I really hate the tendency some of the older fans have to diminish fans of Tennant as simply fangirls who like him because he’s attractive.

Anyway, excluding **Blink **(which is my favorite episode, but The Doctor is barely in it), and The End of Time (because you really need to have seen DT’s whole run to get the most out of it IMO), my top three choices would be:

The Girl in the Fireplace
Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

Um…because I AM a young Tennant fangirl who likes him because he’s attractive. Okay, not just because he’s attractive, but I’ve talked with plenty of other people who love Midnight for the woobiness. I’m not saying it’s the only reason to love it (I believe I mentioned a few other qualities of the episode, like that it’s a strong character episode for 10) but I am saying that it seems to be a factor.

No love for School Reunion? The ever-luminous Elizabeth Sladen was such a loss, and Anthony Head was a terrifically urbane, persuasive villain. Plus it was just such great, silly fun: shape-changing bat-monsters from space exploiting and devouring school children.

I’m with Beastly Rotter. I love School Reunion.
The Sound of the Drums. I admit you’d need some back story, but the acting all around was wonderful.
Despite being Doctor Lite, I have to agree with Blink.
I know you said three but why confine yourself to 3? It’s a lot better to be along for the whole ride. There’s little moments in every episode that makes it worthy, in my opinion. But then, I’m easy to please where Doctor Who is concerned.

I am a 51 year old man, and I love Tennant’s run.

I think that Blink is close to being the best TV SciFi ever.

I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned “Voyage of the Damned,” especially afterthis.. It’s a top-notch adventure from start to finish, too.

As for “Midnight,” it’s the best pure horror episode of the series next to “Blink.” It’s both weird and scary, and the claustrophobic (and paranoic) feel of it all makes it extremely intense.

I did like “School Reunion,” though its strength was seeing Sarah Jane again – the main plot was fairly routine.

I also nearly listed “Grid Lock,” too.

Not soup, fish fingers and custard! :slight_smile: (Yes, I know that’s for Eleven, but still.)

The Runaway Bride
The Christmas Invasion
Smith and Jones

Has anyone seen Blink ?


I’m not sure of the rest, Gridlock is definitely one I was going to put on my list. It was a great comedic episode, with all the cars

Right now, my personal faves would take Gridlock, and throw in the Family of Blood ones (which the OP said don’t count) and the last episode of Series 3. But even though she’s my favorite companion, giving you all Martha episodes isn’t going to be that useful. I’ll try to come up with others.

A lot of these are really good episodes, but you need a good Who background to fully appreciate them. For a total newbie I would pick the Pompeii episode. I forget the name of it though.

The Fires of Pompeii

Thanks everyone.

We started with Midnight, then I went ahead and did the two Family of Blood episodes. The person I was showing them to is now hooked, so mission accomplished.