You're forced to repeat the same (groundhog)day over and over, what do you do?

Well, I’d wow everyone with my predictive skills.

For example on 9/2/07 at 9:52 EST Britney Spears will be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.

And the Yankees will win 11 to 2.

That is all. For now…

I’d do a few social experiments. For example, I’d strike up a conversation with someone, at the same time each day, and say the same exact things, and see if the other person says the exact same things. Then I could vary certain things, like make the conversation identical until one line, where I say it in a slightly different tone, or emphasize a different word, and see if that changes the response. If the conversations varied, I wonder what that would say about how the brain works.

It would also be fun to claim to be God (like Phil Conners did) just to see how different people react.

[li]I’d take note of the winning lottery numbers that night (provided there was a drawing that day). Eventually, the day will advance and I will be able to reap the winnings at that time.[/li][li]If I knew for sure the next day would reset itself and time wouldn’t advance to the next day (lest I spend the following days in jail and deal with the other consequences that come with it) I’d seek out my enemies and give them all the payback they’ve long since had coming to them (not murder them, just a good metaphorical or perhaps literal kick in the nads, so to speak). Even if they will have no memory of it, it would still feel good knowing that I got in a good lick or two.[/li][li]Take a trip to Vegas just to see what it’s like to “bet it all” and then try again the next day.[/li][li]I’d like to learn and master the instruments I picked up but never allowed myself to get good at playing (guitar and piano/keyboard). I’d also read up on the things I have wanted to learn but not had the time to do, such as learning computer programming and advanced web design.[/li][li]Rent all the movies I have wanted to see.[/li][li]I’d probably go out and do some crazy stunts Jackass-style.[/li][/ul]

If I could live September 1st over, I’d keep all the rent money and leave and job

See, I’d still be worried about this one because what if it is only YOU that is trapped in the time bubble, but each of the days that you repeats gets spun off into it’s own dimension and continues. That would give me pause to do anything truly awful.

You know, I was thinking about this, and I’m not sure that it would really be possible to learn instruments. Guitar would be damn near impossible - you’d never be able to build up calluses. For any instrument, I think your brain might be able to remember what you’ve learned but I don’t think your fingers would.

Your fingers have no memory. It’s all in the brain.

Wasn’t there a storm or something preventing people from leaving Punxsutawney?

Since I already spend every spare minute practicing guitar and Dobro, and reading, I’d do more of same. And sleep a little later every morning.

The storm didn’t seem to hit until they were on their way. I’m thinking if Phil had thrown on his clothes and headed right out the door at 6:01am, he might have made it out of town for the day. OTOH, he probably thought of that, and there was something preventing him leaving anyway, and we just didn’t see that part.

Replace this with: “Wasn’t the storm preventing people from leaving Punxsutawney already on its way?”

I’ve considered this one often. Yes, what if each day DID go on into its own dimension? There would be all those yous out there dealing with the consequences of what you chose to do on that day, each one thinking the “curse” had finally lifted. Maybe even the last one we saw was like that, and there were still other Phils continuing on to new days.

I don’t think I’d do anything particularly dangerous or harmful. If you died, would the clock re-cock? Phil was able to keep his memories of each day cumulative, so would he know how it felt to die?

You know, I remember reading an article about the movie where they say that they cut a bunch of scenes where Phil basically goes on a crazy killing spree, robs banks, commits suicide, etc. I can’t seem to find it now, though…
I guess it seems logical that at some point you’d go crazy, especially if you don’t think the loop will ever end.

They didn’t cut all the suicide scenes if I remember correctly. There was one day where he drops a toaster into the tub with himself and another where he takes the groundhog out and drives off a cliff or something. No robbing a bank, but he did lift a money bag out of an armored car.

He jumped out of a clock tower, too, didn’t he? There’s a brief scene in the morgue in which the producer and the cameraman ID his corpse and express their bafflement at what he’d done.

Great, great movie. As Snarky_Kong said, I’d probably pretty much replicate what Bill did. I hope it wouldn’t take me as long to get around to helping people with my accumulated knowledge, though.

Get banned from the Dope.

Speaking of dope, I’d probably try some serious drugs, that otherwise I would be afraid of addiction.

Ah, but if your brain chemistry was preserved enough day-to-day to allow your memories to persist, I bet the addiction pathways would too. Plus, a lot of addiction is psychological: if you could remember how great it felt to huff some crack, you might be inclined to do it again the next day. [/overthinking the hypothetical]

hmm would it be a ‘clean’ addiction then? you’d want it but at least your body don’t.

On the DVD extras, the director mentioned a scene that was cut in which Phil hosts a wild party in his room at his bed and breakfast, with Gus and many other of the townies. They rip the place apart in a drunken frenzy. I’m kind of glad they left that out.

Can I pick any day? Cause I’d pick the day (well, a few minutes past) the time she was born.

But if it was any day? Oh how I’d read and play and learn. Depending on how long it lasted, it would be pretty cool to have my kid stay the same age, since there is no possible way she’d get cooler than she is right now.

I’d definitely work on communication skills. And I’d finally be able to figure out how to make biscuits.