You're messy, but seriously- Have you no shame? At all?

[perfect world] I guess he missed the part where you mentioned that some of the bags with maggots contained your former tenants, wrapped in carpeting. :wink: [/perfect world]

Sounds like disgusting fat guy isn’t even a good fat guy, what’s with leaving all that food uneaten? They should kick him out of the fat guy club.

Other than “no smoking”, where are you getting that from?

Good grief, what a horrible lot of people. I really hope you got pictures.

I wish. I didn’t bring a camera and I certainly didn’t have the time to waste. I already had to call off of work on Friday and Monday to take care of this crap. But it’s cool. I have several witnesses.

I don’t know where (s)he got that either, but it’s still eerily accurate. He’s a complete burnout. 23 and working at the gas station. He just failed out of his first semester of college for partying too hard, or something like that.

I woulda barfed at any one of those points - hell just reading about it made me gag a little. Beer grows mold really fast IME. Ugh. ::gags::

You’re messy, but seriously- Have you no shame? At all?

Of course I have shame! It’s right…well, I know I’ve got some around here somewhere (rummages through piles of unidentifiable reeking objects)…dammit, where’s the shame?

But I’ve had tenants before! Most of them just put spacklable* holes in the walls from their picture frames, or spill some pepsi on the carpet, or something like that. It usually costs me about $50 to repair things from each person. These guys have it well over $400!

Maybe, but I don’t see where you tried to change him. All I see is that you tried to help by putting an affordable roof over his head. Maybe by doing so you were trying to make him responsible, but that would mean that any landlord he may have in the future would be guilty of “trying to change him” by hoping he’d be a responsible tenant.

Nah. Store the stuff in the broken down car with the maggoty garbage.

Look for Asians. :smiley: Me and my SO wouldn’t dream of bringing our shoes any farther than just inside the door, ever.

$400? Sir, $400 is your complaint? We’ve had to spend THOUSANDS after some tenants move out. How much was their security deposit? I can’t imagine renting a house with less than a $400 deposit.

Also, to echo what Anaamika said: Asians rock. My two roomies in my house now are Asian girls I found on Craigslist. Not only do they always remove their shoes before coming into the house, but they also make me delicious foods. Win win.

Man, that sucks, I can commiserate my last two renters trashed my place, including the last guy pissing all over the house before he skipped on his lease. I’m done with being a landlord and I didn’t have to deal with nearly as much as you.

I fail to see how that is in any way a reference, or in some way vouches for him. So you’ve “known” him. So what?

Lesson for the future, man. Harsh, but there it is.

This is why we get a real estate agent to handle our tenants.

They do all the leg work, get the deposits, check references, do 3 monthly inspections, arrange repairs.

We only pay 7% of the rent, plus a fee for any repairs they arrange.

Win win all around - especially considering we are an 11 hour flight away. But I must say, having worked with them, even if we lived around the corner I may well still use them.

Property management is never boring. I believe every word of your story. I’m sorry that a friend acted like that with your property, though. That really stinks. (Literally!)

When I was in residential property management, I did the reference checks. I phoned and phoned and phoned for references. And I got to know when people would give friends or roommates as “landlord” references. What amazed me, and still does, is how few phone calls I *got *for former tenants. Either people don’t check references or, amazingly enough! --people lie on applications.

But good tenants–and they do exist–are jewels, and should be treated as such. We’ve also had tenants that treated the property with more care and respect than the actual owners. I was always happy to write a letter of reference for good tenants, and welcomed any call I might get enquiring about them.

Yeah, yeah, that’s until you find all the blood stains and severed finger joints. At least they cleaned up all that Yak hair they mentioned.

With friends like that, who needs enemies.

“No good deed shall go unpunished”.

Hope you get some good luck for a change, you sound like you could use some.

Sometimes I think to my self I should try to clean up and maybe be a little neater.

Then I read posts like the OP, and I’m like “nah, I’m fine”.

Seriously, though, these people sound mentally ill to me–esp. the fat guy. Clothes piled on top of stacks of dirty dishes? Trash stored in the attic? Wha?