You're the GM! (baseball)

Or sells the team. I dunno if he’s gonna stick around till 2004 to get his team contracted and get MLB’s payoff. I bet he could sell to Donald Watkins (wasn’t that his name?), who might even keep the team in the Twin Cities.

I live in Red Sox Nation. I think Burkett is fine, just ran out if gas. Despite his stats, I’ve never been, nor will ever be, sold on Wakefield. Hillenbrand disappeared in the dog days. Damon was playing hurt most of the year. Nixon is a wasted draft pick, #1 picks need to be more productive hitters by now, especially for a corner OF, and he’s nothing special on defense. Petey is too fragile, throws like he’s 220 lbs, when IRL he’s 170 soaking wet.

Neurotik, do you think you COULD trade Erstad? With his big new contract and rather modest hitting stats, the market might be a little thin.

Of course, there’s always the Pirates!

Hahaha…there are so many dumb teams out there, I think it’s almost impossible that I wouldn’t be able to trade him. Never underestimate how many GMs out there don’t know what they are doing…although, those are getting less and less common as the Beane Disciples begin their diaspora.

Team: Cincinnati Reds

Lots of problems here, not least of which are the two former superstars Larkin and Griffey.

Larkin has got to go. (Has he retired yet?) He played a full season (for him) and hit .245. See what can be gotten for Griffey on the trade market.

Sean Casey has been in steady decline since 1999. (His BA, OBP, and SLG are down four straight years.) Was there a worse First Baseman in the league last year? Trade him. Maybe put Branyan there against Right handed pitchers, he had the highest SLG against righties on the team. (Branyan: .527, Casey: .380…Yikes)

Good things.

Dunn and Kearns are both going to be great. Between Guillen and Taylor the third outfield spot should be good as well. Boone should stay solid and T. Walker is also solid.

Haynes, Dessens, and Reitsma should be fine. I’d probably keep Graves as closer. That leaves Dempster and Estes. No idea why teams keep acquiring Estes, maybe he can be shipped off to Texas for some infield hitting. Anyone have a spare shortstop?

The bullpen is pretty good. Sullivan should bounce back after a terrible year last year, and Williamson will be good, both as a setup man or as the closer. White was also decent last year.

Give the catching job to Corky Miller and see how he handles it. LaRue is a solid hitting backup, though his defense is a little shaky.
There you have it. Probably no chance of making the playoffs this year, but you never know.

The point I was making is not that Billy Koch should throw two inning two days in a row, but that he could, while Isringhausen was too fragile.

Howe does need to keep Koch from pitching too much though. Billy would pitch every single day if he had the opportunity. I think he pitched something like five days in a row this season. I think Howe should have him pitch even less though. There were times where Koch simply looked tired and got too wild.

Yeah, but who’s dumb enough to take him?

Ha! Lots of teams! They’d just have to be dumb. Tell me there are no dumb teams!

As for Griffey, colour wolf, are you sure you want to trade him? I’d keep him for the time being, because he’s approaching 500 HR, and it’d be nice to have him do it as a Red.

I don’t know his contract status, but if he’s not scheduled to be a free agent after '03, I might trade him then, if I were you. Root for a good-but-not great season, say 25 HR, 90 RBI, .290 AVG. That would be good enough that other teams would be interested in him, but not so good that the Reds would feel pressure to keep him.

Of course, if you really wanna trade him, talk to me. You can have Glanville for him. :smiley:

Hey, does anyone here think Pittsburgh is dumb enough to trade Giles for say, Erstad and a pitcher like Sele or Schoeneweis or Appier? Maybe Erstad, Sele and Schoeneweis? That would be a great trade for the Angels.

And cash, I’ll throw in cash.