Zeno's Paradox has been bothering me a long time...

I prefer to look at the whole thing mathematically. Just because you mix infinity into the equation, doesn’t make it impossible to solve the equation. As has been mentioned before, if you add one, one half, one quarter, one eigth, one sixteenth, …, (1/2)^n, and keep going infinitely, you will get two. Not close to two, almost two, but two. And if it takes you one second to find the first number, half a second to find the next, a quarter of a second to find the third, and so forth, you will reach the sum in two seconds.
The area below a graph that goes on infinitely can be assesed. Just take the normal distribution. It has a maximum of infinity and a minimum of minus infinity, and an area of one.

Yes, ras2000, you get it exactly.

Why so many others can’t, despite the multiplicity of explicit threads available to them, is more of a mystery than mere math is.

Exapno Mapcase, glad to have a like mind out there. People who don’t get math, shouldn’t bother themselves with it.

You’re right, but the problem is, they never know that they don’t get it.