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Old 08-26-2009, 11:59 PM
Guinastasia Guinastasia is offline
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Frozen waffles thawed -- still good?

So I went downstairs to the freezer to get some ice cream, and apparently someone who had been in the freezer earlier, had removed said waffles while looking around, set them on a shelf, and forgot to put them back.

Now, they're completely thawed. Since it's almost a full box, I don't want to waste them, and throw them out, but I don't want to keep them if they're ruined. Are they any good? Should I just put them back in the freezer, or just chuck them?
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Old 08-27-2009, 12:12 AM
WarmNPrickly WarmNPrickly is offline
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I wouldn't think twice. I'm sure people eat them untoasted all the time. Put them back in the freezer.
Old 08-27-2009, 12:57 AM
Mr Buttons Mr Buttons is offline
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As a college student, I used to keep the eggo's in the fridge, it cut down on toasting time by 50% compared to frozen. Eggo's are good up to about 18 days in the fridge, I can't imagine one day/night out would spoil them. Hell, I'd eat eggo's in the morning if I happened to leave them out during a munchy fest from the previous night without thinking twice.
Old 08-28-2009, 12:04 PM
Guinastasia Guinastasia is offline
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 51,294
Well, my mother ended up tossing them, as she's paranoid about things like that. (Well that and they had been in there for awhile and no one was eating them anyways).

I figured they're like bread anyways, but oh well. It's good to know if anything like that happens again.


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