1/2 of 1% with an UZI

Not a flame as much as callous irony.

Recent reports tell us that the odds of getting audited by the IRS are extremely small and the chances of someone actually having a lein or seizure executed on them even smaller.

So who do they go after and nail? A nut bag in Massachusetts with a shotgun who ends up taking out half his office!! Jeesh!!

I say from now on if someone claims guns or ammo on their 1040 they get a “Get out of audit free” card.

Hey, do that and you’ll see the majority of gun control advocates disappear! :smiley:

The alternative is audit EVERYONE, so it becomes a common occurance… instead of “Holy Hell, I got audited!” it’d be “Man, I got audited again… yawn

'Course, that’d be pretty expensive…

I say, given that these nutcase office shootings are a teensy-weensy bit of crime that goes on in the country, we ignore it and just roll with the punches. Unless you want to drum up a proposal for a Psychic Network (one that works, silly!) to predict who’s gonna snap and when.

An NPR report on tax audits said that of the 1/2 of 1% of returns that are audited, almost half of those returns involve the Earned Income Tax Credit.

When I heard that, I got the same feeling I did as a teenager when I saw our town’s only cop head out on the highway for a fire or an accident.

Party time! (For a little while, anyway.)

Then my sense of patriotism and civic duty reasserted itself. And fear. That helps.

How much do you want to bet these jerks who take the earned income tax credit are also the apathetic idiots who refuse to participate in our democracy by contibuting $2000 in soft-money? They deserve to be audited!

Wasn’t there that former IRS guy who went on a shooting spree? (I assume because he couldn’t audit anymore.) It appears there is a correlation between audits and massacres. The solution?..

The government is getting ripped off on those earned-income credits, I’ve known several people to claim children that don’t even live with them, in one case this guy claimed a friend’s kids. This happens enough that it’s pretty obvious they don’t check to see if a social security number gets claimed as a dependent by separate households. Yes, these people are risking getting arrested and doing serious time, but that doesn’t stop them, anymore than it stops drug dealers from dealing. Several thousand dollars is a lot of incentive to cheat the IRS.