1-800-recycled-pron (May not be work-friendly)

We recently moved to a new place. The development has recycling, and we were told by the property manager that, if there were no recycling bins in our house, we should call 1-800-NEW-BINS to get replacements.

There weren’t any, so yesterday Mrs.Sua called the number. She reached a phone sex line. Thinking she had written the number down wrong, she called 1-888-NEW-BINS. She reached another phone sex line.

Now, I’m trying to figure out what NEW-BINS (639-2467) spells out on an alphanumeric keyboard that makes the number so popular with phone sex companies. I’ve drawn a blank. Can anyone figure it out?


Here’s a site where you enter the phone numbers and it gives you all the combinations of words they can be. Nothing really jumps out at me as being all that great of a number for a sex line (maybe new a ho 7 or 6 ex a hose?). Maybe bins is german for sluts or something like that.