1 dead, 25 ill at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin

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They don’t vaccinate for meningitis in the army? You’d think an army barracks would be a high risk enough environment for it that they .

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Centers for Disease Control:

Yes, there is a vaccine for meningitis - actually meningococcal bacteria. However, it isn’t required in infancy or childhood. Usually it’s offered during high school and then required by many, if not most colleges. I have no idea what the armed forces stance on it is. If they require the vaccination, they probably give it, and the soldier in question hadn’t gotten his dose yet.

Aha! From fightmeningitis.com:

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Maybe SSG Schwartz will come in and correct me, but I am pretty sure that menningitis is not a vaccine usually given in the military. While it is now being required for many colleges to even accept an application, it’s still lagging way behind on the “let’s make everyone get it” list, simply because it still is relatively rare.

A few years back, we had several cases of it break out in area colleges, a few kids died and at least one is now a quadruple amputee due to the disease, and yet most of the colleges in TN (that I have looked into for my continuing education) still do not require the vaccine.

I am glad there was follow-up to this story as it creeped me out (knowing that my husband will be deploying probably within the next 12-18 months).

Even if it is just a cover-up :dubious:

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Stolen radioactive test device in Rome Wisconsin.


Odd, that…

One of our unit’s soldiers also developed bacterial menengitis while in pre-deployment training at Fort McCoy three years ago. Is this a bug that can “live” in the barracks? Could it be related to the plethora of vaccines that they are given?

Bacterial meningitis loves places like barracks and dorms. In fact, when I went back to school, I wasn’t required to get the vaccine because I wasn’t living in the dorms.

I’m honestly surprised it’s not required in the military, given the frequency of communal living arrangements.

They’re giving out free meningitis shot in this town right now, from a grant by a family that had a son die of it. It’s not a recent death, we don’t have an out break. This is a lot better memorial than a park bench.