1 dead, 25 ill at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin



Not a conspiracy theorist myself, but this news blip is one that makes me think of “The Stand” or “The Hot Zone,” etc. where some type of pathogen breaks out at a military complex somewhere and kills half the frickin’ world.

Or is this just exactly what the media wants me to think, so that I flip out and buy the papers and watch the evening news tonight?

Definitely odd. Wonder if there will be any kind of follow-up to this story. Since it says they are mobilising, I wonder if they got a bad batch of vaccinations?

Ah, yes. This is something I didn’t think of, and it makes a lot of sense.
…too much sense, a perfect cover up excuse! :wink:

If we start hearing about it hitting Madison I am breaking out the plastic sheeting and duct tape!

Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that how the Spanish Flu started (what was it, 30 years ago?) from either contaminated vaccines or some germ warfare research gone bad? I think it originated at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

During the First World War.

Oops, just slightly off. :smack:

Uh oh.

I wonder if it’s food poisoning. That would be a relief to me, actually. Some of them (presumably the worst cases) were brought here.

Oh, shit.

Fellow Texans…please hold me? :eek: :frowning:

Weird, I remembered this thread, but didn’t connect the two. EEK!

But what are the odds of a (presumably) young and healthy solider dying from food poisoning. Or being sent to the Mayo clinic (a couple hours drive, right?).

If you scroll down on the link, or click here , is a blurb about some weird woman getting arrested for making witch chants around a bonfire in the suburbs.

Related? :smiley:

Yeah, that is odd. Unless they waited too long to treat him and some miraculous intervention was necessary.

The other thread describes Texans experiencing erratic behavior and incontinence. Am I the only one who wondered if the article confused inmates with astronauts?

it’s time to stock up on ammo – the Zombies are coming…

Moved from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Should we get guns too or just ammo?

The article said the other were treated and released, so presumably whatever it was, wasn’t some superbug thats going to wipe us out.

Hey - this is a bit of a hijack, but can anyone dig up the lyrics for “Baby, Can You Dig Your Man”? It’s been running through my head all day, and I can’t get it quite right.