10 Greatest inventions of the 20the century ( Results)

Although there were many important discoveries only inventions are included here.
1903–airplane (wright bros)
1910–washing machine (Alva Fisher)
1916–refrigerator (Frigidare)
1923–televsion prototype (Dr.Vladimir Zworkin)
1939–computers (first UNIVAC John Atanassoff)
1946–microwave (Raytheon)
1954–polio vaccine (salk)
1977-- first PC ( apple)
1985–Jarvik-7 heart (Dr. jack copeland

Yeah, that ole Jarvik-7 heart. That worked out real well. ;

yeppers I get your point on that ole jarvic nickrz, it was pretty much a nightmare by the newspaper accounts I read…however it did blaze the trail for a mechanical heart that now keeps patients alive whos hearts have failed and are waiting for a donor heart.

So whose survey is this? Is it on the web?

What about the car, garage door opener, air conditioning, the remote control, the internet, contact lenses?

I don’t know where this survey came from, but on CNN’s website they had a poll to see what people thought was the greatest invention of the millenium.

A large number of people said “electricity”.

Source…Harris Corporation/University of Florida
The telephone survey was conducted May 24-27, 1999 by Systems Research Corporation of Rochelle Park, New Jersey. SRC asked 1,000 randomly-selected consumers their feelings on 20th century technologies. The margin of error was +/- 3%.

If you are talking strictly inventions and not discoveries, how did polio vaccine qualify?

Good question jimb…the same question occurred to me. I didn’t conduct the survey but I am guessing that the vaccine made the survey because it might somehow fall under the heading of a technological invention. I suppose it’s possible to “invent” a life saving vaccine if one plots and works on it long enough. But to quote dennis miller " that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong."

1906–First radio broadcast
WWII–Duct Tape