10 reported shot in front of Empire State Building.

Breaking news.

NBC link

If more people had guns the people that got shot could have shot the shooter before they got shot.

Two co-workers shot each other? Where do they work where they would BOTH be carrying guns?

I guess the bright side is that it’s not a random massacre…

First reply! Thank goodness this was posted before anybody had time to express sympathy for the victims or shock at the events. Great work. Thank you. It’s always refreshing when people have their priorities straight after something terrible happens. At least two people are dead, but fuck them and fuck figuring out what even happened, let’s blame New York’s gun control laws and speculate about what might’ve happened under other circumstances.

You know what- I can’t tell if this post is parody or not, but it’s the same problem regardless. Pro-/anti-gun control snark doesn’t have to be the first response.

No, one guy with a gun shot his (maybe) coworker and a bunch of other people before either the cops shot him or he shot himself.

Good lord the internet has killed reporting and fact checking.

I have not seen any reports saying two co-workers shot each other. That appears to be a reading error, not a reporting one.

To be fair, this is breaking news. Nobody knows all the facts yet.

New York Post say co-worker:

It was meant as snark. And, at the same time, I’m fresh out of sympathy for pretty much anything these days. Also, I didn’t realize there was a first post rule.

At least nobody said ‘automatic weapons’.

I really don’t get the shock and horror at people not expressing shock and horror in a post about events like these. Is it really necessary to express sympathy for the victims on a message board?

Is there a minimum number of ‘OMG, how horrible, I express my sympathy and shock’ posts before the thread can turn into the inevitable gun debate?

Oh, apparently there is.

There’s nothing there about two coworkers shooting each other. The current story is that one person shot a coworker and then started shooting pedestrians and is shot by a cop or perhaps he shot himself.

I didn’t say anthing about a rule. I thought basic decency dictates that maybe people express some sympathy or surprise before we start this bullshit gun cliche stuff again since this same goes-nowhere discussion has already played out in several mass shooting threads this summer. Might as well hold off on reruns of the gun control bullshit while people discuss the actual current event.

Sorry those two statements were unconnected. I wrote the first sentence to answer Sicks Ate and the fact that the story boiled down to “Gun, dead, EMPIRE STATE BUILDING” just made me roll my eyes a little. I think at this point I’d be happier to see someone post “Breaking news - Gunfire near the Empire state building. Gunman is dead, more details to follow” than the it could be this or that or something totally different.

TERROR AT THE TOWER!!! says Fox News.

…and they haven’t ruled out Obama setting up the whole thing.

Wow, another multiple-deaths gun incident. So what?

I’d say that anyone sensitive enough (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) to require a solemn moment of mourning and quiet reflection upon learning of such an incident might better serve their emotional requirement by not immediately attempting to put in their $0.02 regarding said tragedy on a high-traffic internet message board.

My friend and upstairs neighbor works across the street, so she’s pretty freaked out right now. She’s on a lower floor so she heard everything and is seeing all the aftermath (cops, ambulances, choppers hovering). I think she’s gonna need a stiff drink when we get home tonight.

There’s still some major confusion about why this actually happened.

Now they’re saying that two are dead, not three.

It looks like the shooter was laid off a year ago, and went to his former place of employment to get the money he was owed.

Yeah it is such a bullshit cliche to actually want to do something that might actually prevent this sort of thing from happening so much. Much better to express your condolences to the people involved, who are sure to read this message board and be comforted. Thank you for keeping our priorities straight.

Bolding mine. The fact that there have been several mass shootings this summer indicates a systemic problem. I’m surprised that this shooting involved a famous landmark, but I can’t say I’m surprised that there was another workplace shooting in an American city. I’m sympathetic to the people who got shot in the course of an ordinary day, and to the survivors of the slain, but it’s not like we knew the victims personally. I think you can (and should) take some fellow-feeling for granted without requiring pro forma expressions thereof.