10 things I hate about Ronald Reagan

Reagan is on his deathbed and he no doubt will be deified by the Republican right.

However, his presidency was a nightmare for many reasons.

  1. Ed Meese as attorney general. The “War” on pornography.

  2. Reagan visited the SS graveyard in Bitburg, West Germany

  3. The appointment of James G. Watt as Energy Secretary

  4. The War on Drugs and “Just Say NO” Everytime you pee in a cup for a job, you can thank Ronnie

  5. SDI- A waste of money and a violation of the ABM treaty

  6. The appointment of Rehnquist as Chief Justice and the appointment of Scalia.

  7. The support of the Contras in Nicaragua.

  8. The firing of the air traffic controllers

  9. Unprecedented deficits-High military spending and a failed economic policy

  10. The Iran Contra affair. Reagan should have been impeached for this.

Dancing on his grave already, are we?

Have some fucking compassion. The man is dying of a horrible disease, and his family doesn’t even have the comfort that he will know who they are when he goes.


Well, your numbers 1 and 4 are the same thing, but that’s OK, you can shoehorn in Grenada. Or wimping out in Lebanon, sending a signal to terrorists that all they have to do is kill some soldiers and we’ll leave.

I would move the war on drugs far higher. The attack on civil liberties spawned by this particular stupidity continues unabated to this day.

My favorite, though maybe it doesn’t belong on a top ten list, is his taking credit for the inevitable implosion of the U.S.S.R. just because he happened to be in office at the time.

Reagan had no compassion for those dying of AIDS. Reagan underfunded AIDS research, prevented Surgeon General Koop from mentioning AIDS until 1986, and did nothing to prevent the widespread discrimination against HIV positive people in the 1980s.

I have no compassion for Ronald Reagan.


War on Drugs began with Nixon, as far as I know.
And the Soviet Union imploded after Bush I had already taken office.

So we should sit silent while the hagiographers have their way? Fuck that. Reagan was a horrible president who performed and allowed despicable actions while president. Any Reagan retrospective should properly include those actions. The argument that because he has Alzheimer’s he should be protected from honest statements about his regime is not only ludicrous, it is sheer and utter bullshit.

It was cruel of him. I still remember how the Republicans objected to the biopic by arguing that Reagan had never said the basic “they deserve it” quote in the film. But this covered up the reality that Reagan did indeed say something very similar, albiet with a “perhaps” in it. Reagan did seem to see AIDS in terms of it potentially being a heavenly punishment he might not want to interfere with, which is highly problematic.

That’s uncommonly cruel of you. It’s one thing not to like someone’s policies, it’s another to simply be inhuman in response.

It did indeed. If only it had ended with him as well.

Who’s administration was it when piss tests began to be required for getting a job as a janitor, or typist, or practically anything with no grounds for suspicion needed? Who’s administration was it when property began to be allowed to be seized without any proof of guilt? Who’s administration was it that reversed the generally liberal (in it’s classic sense, Lib) trend of punishments toward drug possesion of the 70’s?

Well, yes, but Bush doesn’t get the credit, does he? “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War!” That’s all I ever hear.

There’s a word for what’s happening to Rambo Ronnie: KARMA.

'Nuff said.

10 things I hate about Ronald Reagan

What a pit! Maybe someone will come up with the 10 things they hated about your mom or dad lives when they are on their death beds. Grow up!

  1. I agree with this one.

  2. So fucking what? :rolleyes:

  3. Probably a mistake.

  4. I happen to favor drug testing in the workplace, thank you very much.

  5. Properly done, SDI is right. Fuck the ABM Treaty.

  6. Got no problem with this one, either.

  7. Got absolutely no problem here.

  8. Wonderful. They struck illegally, and got their asses handed to them. No problem.

  9. BFD

  10. Not a good thing, but also not anything every other President has done.

Let History judge, and it will. Reagan will go down as one of the good ones.

While I feel for his family, and I am sorry he’s dying of such a horrible disease, I despise Reagan and will not mourn him.

I’ll be sorry he died in such a way, and that someone has died. But other than that, I don’t really care.

He didn’t give a shit about the people dying of AIDS, or the innocents killed by the contras. He didn’t care about anyone who was poor, or in need, or disadvantaged.

So, I’m not GLAD he’s dying, but I don’t care. I’m indifferent.

Because a person who served his country as President for 8 years, with a different outlook than yours, you will despise him and not mourn him? Are you sick or just a 12 year old?

So now we have the Reagan “regime”, in addition to the Bush “regime”. How come we never hear about the Clinton or Carter “regimes”? Just saying, is all.

I have no feelings for the man one way or another. I do think he was a terrible president. And agree with the list.

When he does go the pubbies will make you think God him/herself had died.

I don’t know Ronald Reagan on a personal basis. He isn’t a friend of the family, nor is he a relative. Why should I mourn his passing? Too bad he has to die and it is really tragic that he is going out the way he is—he probably won’t even be aware of the transition. I will note his passing. I will say goodbye to another ex president. I won’t mourn him, though.

One thing I admired about the man, though. When he was shot, he showed some class and some real courage.

I always found it amusing that there were so many people out there claiming that Reagan won the Cold War, Hurray, hurrah, whatever. Frankly, I think that he was already gone into that good night by the time he left office.

And I don’t give a shit that the sonofabitch is dying, he’s still a sonofabitch. I’m not twelve, just disgusted with what he gets credit for having done.


I do not despise Ronald Reagan, and I feel pity for his family that they have to lose him this way.

However, in a lot of ways, he hurt America a lot, and it would be dishonest not to mention the bad things he did alongside the good.

Will someone be posting to message boards about how bad my father was when he died. Maybe. I certainly won’t like it if they do. Doesn’t make it wrong for them to do so, if they’re being honest. (Given that it wasn’t Dad whose backwards ideas on HIV have resulted in so many horrible deaths, I don’t think he’ll be the focus of nearly as much revilement as Reagan, anyway.)

Oh, and the demmies won’t think Carter was the greatest either when he dies? :smack: The point is they have a right to, these men served our country. I hope one person here will step up to do the same.