10 year old girl plays bass with Sir Paul McCartney

:cool: Wonderful moment for this little girl. She’s braver than me to make a request like this on stage with Paul. He showed a lot of class going along with it. Gifting her a special night this girl will never forget.

Beautiful – thanks for sharing.


Good stuff. Reminds me of when Paul Simon invited a fan onstage to play his guitar.

Can anyone tell if she was actually playing the bassline for “Get Back”?

I can’t hear her bass over the band.

I saw a different article yesterday that said she really plays bass and knows a lot of Beatle songs.

Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

I thought it was the time signature.

I preferred they’d have tried “You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)”

oh well.

FINALLY, an emperor has no clothes moment when a mere child shows she’s a better bassist than McCartney!

That was pretty cool. Shows what a class act McCartney is.

The man essentially invented melodic rock bass style.

Reminds me of when Sir Paul played the Super Bowl. Beforehand he was interviewed by the reporting team including Terry Bradshaw. In his own inimitable Buffoon Cajun way (not a slam on Cajuns; merely describing the spice he’s sprinkled on his Buffoonery), Bradshaw bursts into Hard Days Night and starts boppin’, trying to engage Sir Paul McCartney. Of The Beatles. Who gamely bops along and saves the moment.

Made me so cringey. I appreciated Paul’s save, but sometimes think he’s too accomodating. Then he does this and it’s like, nah - keep going.

[/ul]Caitlin Moran says in the long run* Paul will turn out to be everyone’s favourite Beatle. She’s probably right.


The kid seems pretty good. The intro was a bit shaky though. They should have either played it straight (“I heard this local girl plays bass, and we’re going to play a duet”) or rehearsed the “ruse” a bit more so it was believable, at least sort of. In any case, it’s cool of McCartney to go along with it.

Dunno about the rest of you, but I know dozens of 10 year olds who can play the bass line of Get Back. I shoot concerts of the School of Rock - it’s a real thing, and existed long before the Jack Black movie. And I know this is going to annoy a lot of huge *Beatles *fans, but a Beatles show is usually for the younger kids. A year ago, I recorded an 11 year old playing the guitar part of Television’s Marquee Moon.

She should have said (in her best George voice) “Look, I’ll play the bloody piece however you’d like me to play it. Or I won’t bloody play it at all, if that would make you happy. Whatever it is that will please you is what I’ll do.”