100 officers take property in Columbia county wednesday

The jail was in a lockdown according to ma and the cops were thick in Portage today. The news has an article in it tonight with more details. The incident has tax evasion, white extremists, a tunnel, suspected explosives or fire arms, government overthrow, and all the usual extremist stuff according to the law enforcement people. The daughter claims they are typical normal people, which is not the case. Maybe they aren’t Waco killers like the officals worried about, but there is a problem.

I knew that Posse Comitatus would get metioned in this incident. Columbia county had a lot of them in the 80’s. Many got cleaned out for tax evasion, starting 15 years ago. These arrested people were in a similar group.

News coverage link.

The video reports that the group is Posse Comitatus and some were expected to come from out of state to help the arrested couple. Tomorrow may straighten out some information conflicts, and provide more detail. Definately view the video if you have the bandwidth.

The additional news doesn’t support them as normal innocent people. The interview with a retired judge is good material. He is one of the many persons with a lien on his property filed by this couple illegaly in Wisconsin. They are not based on legaly valid reasons, and we have criminal laws against the filing of false liens. They did it to everybody that pissed them off over the years it looks like. City officals, law enforcement personnel, the employees of the bank that was forclosing on them all have liens. There are likely people out there that won’t know a lien is on their property until they go to sell it and the lien pops up. They will all have to go through the time and expense of fixing this. They sure are a nice couple aren’t they? The judge said he saw them in court a lot, and they did all their own defense, and stuff they submitted was not understandable. They are still looking for a person that was staying at their house, that is wanted. No reports of guns or bombs stocked in the tunnel. They’re trying to pass themselves off as caretakers for the church they live at. It’s a regular house, and they don’t have a congregation. It’s the usual tax dodge these people try so not to pay any taxes. The legal system declared it a taxable home, not a church. The pastor at their former church which was not their home but a real church, left after the parishners were in the process of booting him out for his anti-government , and other extreme views. The family involved keeps denying Posse Comitatis ties, but they would if they had them.

I’d never heard of Slander of Title. It seems like an incredibly stupid stunt to try to pull on such a massive scale.

I’m glad you found something on it. I can’t find laws I want, no matter how hard I try.

The couple doing it are queer ducks, that think all the world is wrong, and only their twisted reality is right.