100 reasons why evolution is wrong.


And here I thought that dogs came from rocks. Boy am I dumb.

Missed the editing window. It should read “100 reasons why evolution is stupid”.

“Wrong” just doesn’t quite capture the intention of the author.

Ah, Kent Hovind. I love the smell of aggressive, proactive stupidity in the morning.

But how could evolution be wrong when it just feels so right?

I watched a few minutes of that to see exactly what kind of idiocy it contained. I got as far as his attempt to disprove stellar formation by pointing out that no one has ever seen a star form.

Hmmm…could it be that nobody has yet had a few millenia of free telescope time to devote to it?

Did he try to explain what stellar formation has to do with biological evolution? Or was it just a ‘while we’re at it…’ moment?

Nobody has ever sat and fully observed the growth of an oak tree from an acorn. It’s just a theory.

If evolution is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

He says he taught science for 15 years. I shudder to imagine how many young minds came in contact with a teacher that didn’t believe what he was teaching. As much as I would have enjoyed being there for his seminar, especially for the question and answer period that must have followed, I know my pointed questions would have done precious little for anyone in that state of confusion.

In COLLEGE in a speech class I listened for 40 minutes as someone brought up 3 pieces of evidence that the world is only 10,000 years old.
1.) The Great Barrier reef crows at a constant rate, and is itself at most only around 10,000 years old.
2.) Before landing on the moon scientists figured the depth of moon dust should be 5 or more feet, turns out its only a few inches. Therefore the moon hasn’t existed long enough to have more dust.
3.) Human population is growing exponentially, and so if the planet was more than 10,000 years old there’d be far more people by now.

Sitting quietly for those 40 minutes was one of the most difficult experiences of my college experience.

“I’m the largest freaking coral reef system on the planet! I’m visible from space, man! I’m the epitome of biodiversity! Seriously, I am totally the real deal! The Bay Island Archipelago? Amateur!”

It ain’t your crowing that makes you great.

The filtering software here at work has blocked this site, and listed the reasons as “Criminal Skills, Hacking.”

Criminal indeed.

Has anyone heard about what Hovind has been up to lately?

Ten years in a Federal Pen
Apparently, he hasn’t evolved enough to realize that the IRS is fairly serious about people paying taxes.