1000: It's About Effing Time Post Party

I’ve been around the Straight Dope message boards for nearly three years, and dammit, it’s about freaking time I hit four digits. So bring in the margaritas, Twister, and karaoke…dammit, I have 1000 posts! [stands up on table, starts dancing and singing “Funkytown”]

Yeah, I’m still around…lurking. My life has been nuts lately–shopping, then buying, a house, moving into said house, the holidays, traveling, death of two grandparents, wedding planning, and then that whole teaching thing. Right now DeathLlama (who I think hasn’t been to the board since we started house-shopping three months ago) and I are dealing with a mess the church we’re being married in made: they double booked the wedding. Whoops. Yeah, the brilliant wedding secretary didn’t have a 2001 calendar when she took our deposit in freakin’ JULY, and just now noticed that Ooops…two weddings are scheduled on the same day at overlapping times! Grrrr. Rather than see who put their deposit in first, they’re trying to get us to change the time, the reception site, etc. Grumble.

HEY! What the hell am I doing?! This is a PARTY. My gripes do not belong here, except to say…


[recommences dancing and singing]

WTF! Five views and no congrats?

Happy 1K Ruff! You heard it here first…


One Margaret coming right up… oh no… wait…

Two Margarita’s… sorry bout that… :: deflates Margaret and puts her away ::

“Funky too-wwwwn”

One-zero-zero-zero… looks kinda neat doesn’t it?


Congrats on the 1000, ruffy.

Too bad about the wedding Secretary, I hope that all works out. Well, I know it will. I just hope that you don’t send a bunch of wild school children after the secretary, that would be cruel. But, funny too.

Anyway, congrats. I owe you a drink at the next dopefest.


Congrats Ruffian! As you can see, I’m ahead of you…but then again, I’m not gettin hitched (To a middle school band director…hee hee hee!).

You should go easy on the booze - You seem to get drunk rather easily.

And where the hell is DeathLlama? Make 'im get his ass online and post!

Woops…one of those views was me… :smiley:

I’ll see if I can go sneak a roast suckling pig out of Kitchen Stadium…

Congrats-DUDE!!! Now- where’s the girls?

Daniel. You might wanna buy new glasses.

Unbelievable! You must not know how to say what you needed to say in TWO post instead of one. You would be at 2000 by now.


Well Monster, considering this is cyber booze, I’m not too concerned about getting drunk. Besides, I’m not sure I could ever GET drunk (I’ve been buzzed, but not drunk)…one drink, and I’m giggly, two, and I’m sound asleep.

Hey dewt, don’t deflate ol’ Margaret yet. We may just have a little fun with her, heheheheheh. Now where’s Omni?

HEY, no bogarting the chips and dip! That’s practically another food group!

[grabs microphone]“The best thing about a-bein’ a wo-man…is the prerogative to have a little fun an’…whoa UH oh! Go totally craaaa-zy…ferget I’m a laaaa-dy…mens shirts, short skirts…whoa UH oh…”

Good for you. :smiley:

Happy 1000!

Woohoo! Congrats…happy 1000!

Congrats, Ruffian! I’m proud of ya! :smiley:

Congratulations, Ruffian!


Howse abouts some party hats!

@ % & * & * # * & * # * ^ ~ # # @ $

And some goblets for your particular poison:


Good luck with your wedding plans!

////Ruffian\\ ////DeathLlama\\


Hey, thanks Spidey! Right now my “poison” is a macchiato. Or, something that resembles that spelling. Mmm-mmm–hyper juice!

Y’all getting enough (now, now…that’s enough FOOD and DRINK!)? Lessee, we’ve got chips and salsa, a cheese ball thingy, cocktail weenies, a 7-layer bean dip, and hot wings. I’ve got some Samuel Adams and Zima (for the silent geeks among us who do indeed like the stuff) on ice, and the blender is fully loaded with margaritas.

Who’s next for the karaoke? Mmmm?

Congrats, Ruffian.

I’ve been here for over two years and just broke 1000 myself yesterday. Quite a milestone, eh?