1000 No. 1 singles in a row--WOW!

Lady Gaga recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 with “Born This Way”, the one thousandth chart topper since the Hot 100 was instituted in 1958. In commemeration, someone decided to put five second snippets of all 1000 songs back to back. Here’s part one. (Although the chart geek in me would point out the first three minutes are pre-Hot 100 chart toppers.)

I am surprised - I know all but about four or five of the first part.

I’m so freaking old.


Very cool.

However, I am sorry to report that it only goes up to the early 90’s. Doesn’t look like he’s done yet … .

You think that’s bad. I not only know them, I OWN them.

I recognized every single tune that came up during the parts I listened to (four or five segments of a minute or so each, through Parts 1 and 2)… but I couldn’t take it for long. That is exhausting! My mind keeps seizing the fragments and trying to make whole songs, meanwhile a different song has come in, and another part of my mind is thinking about the editing and sourcing (some of the clips sound terrible)… each minute of listening felt like a lot more.

Hey, if you want to listen to whole songs, here’s a list from “Poor Little Fool” through “Born This Way,” with links for all!

Here’s an analysis of the 1000 singles list, broken down by subject.

This EXACT montage (up to 1978 or so) first appeared in itsform on Robert W. Morgan’s “The History of Rock and Roll” radio special that was syndicated in the late 1970s. Of course, someone had to tack on the rest since then. I know. I recorded this on my cassette player back in the day.

Yep. The exact montage. It left out The Rascals’ “People Got to Be Free,” which shoulda come between “Hello, I Love You” and “Harper Valley PTA,” just like on my old recording. When they re-released the program a year or two later, they had corrected the errors.

Interesting. I’m used to hearing a break between “There, I’ve Said It Again,” and “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” because that’s how my recording of the original radio show split segments.

I have been trying to find this for years. I even did a thread about it here once, but got nowhere.

Thanks SO much for finding this!

Also, mine ended with “I Love a Rainy Night”


Here’s the story of how this was created :


And another place to listen (the original site linked doesn’t work for me at all, but I assume this is the same) :


Right. Also, in “The History of Rock and Roll” program, Morgan said, “Coming up, a landmark.”

There was also a break after “Someday We’ll Be Together.” Mine ended with “You Light up My Life.” But a couple of years later, the additional #1s had been tacked on.