1001 uses for twisties, you know those plastic covered wires

Okay so I only have a few ideas but thought you might be able to come up with a few yourself.

Traditionally I have seen them used mainly for garbage bags but I keep them around for a lot of things like:

·Putting the computer cords and other cords in a nice s shape and out of the way.

·Ah, the freezer, when you have food that you need to put in there and don’t have a rubber band, they close, but not seal, the bag.

·Occasionally I have used them for my hair. Honestly. my hair is somewhat long and when working on a computer (many twisties available) I can’t stand that my hair falls in my face or in the computer so I have used them to pull my hair back.

·Kept keys in a tidy way in the junk drawer. Okay so it defeats the purpose of the junk drawer but at least the keys are put in one place and you don’t have to search for them.

Any other useful ways to incorporate them into your lives?

They suck. The inventer should have his patent taken away.

The worst are when they have once been tied left-handed, and you can’t tell which why to undo them.

I always take the time to replace them with a bag clip, clothspin, or rubberband, depending.

I almost never use them to tie up the trash bag, or for whatever purpose was originally intended.

Their main function in my house is to get wedged between the silverware tray (that plastic thing the holds your spoons & forks, etc.) and the inside of the drawer. This prevents the silverware tray from sliding around when the drawer is opened, because no silverware tray I have ever owned is the correct size for the drawer it is meant to live in.

They are good for sealing up baggies full of heroin when you are out of balloons.

Holding your dragons together.

Seriously. I spent hours last night assembling a big pewter dragon with epoxy. Those twisties held all the components in place nicely while the glue dried.

For those of you who play D&D… my players are sooooo screwed… :wink:

I take about 10 loose twist-ties, then clump them together and toss it on the floor. The dopey cat bats that thing around and stays amused for hours on end.

A few days later, I’ll find (in the oddest places) the Twistie Toy’s withered body. All the paper has been stripped/chewed/batted off, and it’s gnarled bare metal carcass looks like a little train wreck.

Hey, don’t look at me. That stupid cat loves chewing on metal. Twisty Toys are way cheaper than some catnip filled mouse for 3 bucks, which he just ignores anyway.

Hey, don’t forget to mention that you can use 5 or 6 of them to make one long twisty, and use it to tie off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holding the straps of your jersey together (behind you) when you run.

You heard me.

Strip off the paper and use them for wiring Technic Lego cars.

Wean your cat off of twisties. Just ask any vet. Some cats eat them, causing either death or a huge vet bill.

Give your cat milk jug rings instead.

I have to admit that I’ve used a twisty to hold my hair, too, when I couldn’t find a rubber band and I needed my hair out of my face.

We used them in the Army, sometimes, to hold pieces of our jeeps on. Ah, the jeep…the only vehicle I ever knew that you could fix with nothing but 2 screwdrivers, a hammer and a basic set of wrenches…

  1. Stripped the paper off and threaded one thru the hole left by my sunglasses’ screw falling out until I could get another teeny screw.
  2. Used them to hang the last few Xmas ornaments when I was out of the little wire ornament hangers
  3. Fastened my daughter’s overalls when she lost the clasp on one side so she could wear her favorite outfit to school.
    The uses of twist ties are limited only by one’s imagination and the laws of safety and common sense.

When my hubby and I were dating and talking about marriage, he put a twistie around my ring finger and told me that it would have to do until he got me a proper ring. We are going to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in June, and I still have the twistie in my jewelry box. I know this is a hokey story, but it’s true!

Twisties work great inside the arms and legs of little people or amimals made out of felt or other light-weight material. This is the only way I know to get bendable limbs for my little hand-made people.

I used one to hold my overalls up after the little metal thingy broke.

I can suggest one thing to not use them for. Instead of skewers or string when arranging the drumsticks and wingtips of a chicken to be roasted.

I’m not sure how long it took my neighbour to get the smell out of her house, 'though the chicken did look kind of sweet with those little green stripes of melted plastic over it.

Unless one of your players is carrying a +2 Twistie Of Binding…

Done this one, and many variations thereupon. I make lots of props. Most of my applications require stripping them to bare wire. Here are some uses:

Picking locks.

Substrate for alum crystals. (It helps to rough the metal with sandpaper first.)

Supporting PC boards for soldering.

Quick patch for burnt/broken traces on PC boards. (Replace with copper later, if practical).

Temporary repairs to a nerfsaber.

Connecting “bones” together when building a prop corpse (permanent part of the prop).

Cutting sausage or cheese.

Hanging pictures.

Hanging bundles of herbs to dry.

By my count, we’re up to about 27 distinct applications. Maybe I’ll remember some more as the day goes on.

The longer twist ties work fantastic for affixing your backtag.

Here’s a hijack, but you’ll like this, Techy… my oldest brother (the computer genius of the family) braids all the wires in his computer together to help keep 'em organized. He even uses an exactoknife to cut the individual wires in the ribbons (connecting the HDD and CD-ROM drives, etc. to the motherboard) apart and braids those together, too. He claims to have made the connections 4 or 5% more efficient this way.

Carry on.