11th Grade Research Paper

I don’t think this counts as asking for help with homework, but if it does, then you have my advanced apology.

Our Junior year research assignment was to pick a group/person/event/time period/whatever that stand as some kind of American icon. My English teacher balked when I told him I wanted to do the Beatles, them being from England and all, but he liked the way I presented things in my proposal, so he let me go with it.

I was just wondering if anyone here has any comments or criticizisms on my ideas. I want to make this as good as I can and am trying to compile as many different opinions and resources as possible, so any posts are welcome, even if it is, “The Beatles suck.”

Dude, that’s awesome. Very innovative idea, I’m not surprised your teacher was swayed by your thesis proposal. I especially like the last part about how both ideas (the music and democracy) are muddied by propaganda but there’s still truth and beauty beneath the marketing. Very nice.

I’m thinking hard to come up with something constructive to say.

Here we go: one angle that might be interesting to look into is how they were viewed from the outside. How did other nations view America’s developing democracy, and is there a parallel there with how other artists or people outside the genre or people outside the music culture saw the Beatles’ rise to fame?

Or you could just ignore that. Your thesis as it stands is very nice.

wow, that’s so much better than my senior paper in high school. I have nothing to contribute, however, except excellent original thesis and good luck!
-----oh, one thing: Definitely use song lyrics from the Beatles to support your point, if you can. You probably already have that under control though. again Good Luck!