12 Year Old Bride

Death is too good for some people.

This poor girl was married at age four (though the “marriage” wasn’t consummated) and terribly abused by her in-laws. How sick can people get?

There are no words to describe how this story makes me feel.

Before you get too down on the human race, remember the rickshaw driver, the police, and the hospital, who came to her aid.

Maybe with the publicity, more girls in similar situations will be rescued. I wish her well…she’s an incredibly plucky girl. My daughter’s studying Anne Frank, and she reminds me of her, with her sunny outlook on life.

That girl has an amazing spirit. I hope life continues to improve for her, and that she can help make a difference for other girls and women.

(I don’t know the etiquette when it comes to mentioning Google ads because I haven’t been around much lately, but I must say that the ads I saw on this page for “hot Polish singles” and “Russian mail-order brides” were extremely tacky considering this story. “If you’re interested in ‘child brides,’ then check out these women desperate to escape their current circumstances and maybe you can find someone to exploit, too!” Ick.)

I was sniffling a little when I read this article last night…mostly the fact that she still smiles, and looks to the future.

And Atiqullah, who did what he could. This was actually an uplifting story of survival.

I’m amazed that some people can go through things like this and end up spending the rest of their lives being victims, abusers, anti-social, violent, or whatever, and then others can go through this and come out strong and positive.

Humans fascinate me.

Yes, it seemed her brother-in-law cared more for her than her husband did. Her husband was 30? Could he not tell his old man to get lost?

  • How sick can people get?*

Every day there are new and improved examples of the evil hatefulness that fills peoples fucked up heads ~ If only i knew what tommarow will bring .

I’m brought to mind of the practice in India of the groom’s family demanding an enormous dowry. The bride is treated brutally, and often dies within a year due to a “cooking accident” if her dowry isn’t sufficent, or commits suicide to prevent her family becoming destitute. (The mother in law is a big participant/instigator in these events.) This is a practice that still goes on today, though it is being fought by more and more. I cried too, at the picture of her wounds, and at the fact that she can still trust at all. I wish that the only one who wouldn’t abuse her could be rescued from that household. :frowning:

Nothing to say (words are failing me, too). Just “wow.” Here is a saint.

I want to marry her myself.

Unfortunately, this practice is common over large portiosn of rural Asia.

No, probably not. If it’s anything like some of the other cultures I’m familiar with, the elder male is nigh unto god in his own home. The children obey, period.

Of late, I am reminded a lot of the saying used at war memorials ‘Let we forget’.
I think this girls story acts in a similar way - let us not forget that these types of horrendous abuses go on in all countries.

oops - make that ‘lest we forget’.