(12th Annual) Taste of DC is this weekend...


Anyone going? It’s Sat/Sun/Mon 11:00-6:30pm daily…

I’m considering it.

I’ve been a bunch of times, although I haven’t gone for the past 2 years. I have some family visiting from Boston this weekend, so maybe I’ll take them over there.

It’s kind of a ritual with me. I’ll be going some time this weekend.

Went on Sunday–beautiful day for the Taste too, which has become sort of a ritual with my brood as well. Was very crowded, but it usually is, except that last year we went on Monday afternoon and it was cool and a bit rainy.

I got a masala dosa, which I hadn’t had in a long time–it was very tasty, but I didn’t get some of the other treats I had been hoping for, especially fried plantain–there were two vendors selling them and one had run out (!) while the other had long lines. I also got some Thai skewered chicken, which was delicious; a chocolate cupcake from Love Cakes (will definitely have to visit that bakery :)) and finally some kettle corn. The best part, though, was getting to hear the current incarnation of Junior Walker and the All-Stars–wow were they great!

Go tomorrow, if you’re still considering it! Oh yeah, I talked with Joe Krebs of Channel 4 and got his autograph. :slight_smile:

I’d go tomorrow but I’m too lazy to take the Metro in.