13-sided coins

Maybe the 13 sided coin originated with
The Governments obsession with the no. 13,
check out the presedential seal, 13 feathers on each wing, 13 arrows, 13 branches 13 berries…etc.
probably to do with the 13 original colonies.
any other explinations?

“Probably”? "Probably"? Please tell me you were educated outside of the USA!

John W. Kennedy
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– Charles Williams

You know what? I’ll bet U.S.A. stands for “United States of America”!

Yes I was educated outside the USA…my apologies for not knowing the ideosyncracies
of your founding fathers (or whoever designed the seal)…
You can accuse me of being as ignorant as 15% of American High School Kids who dont
know who Abraham Lincon was…
my Apologies

15% of American High School Kids who dont
know who Abraham Lincon was…
my Apologies
Ah so your the one responsible for that.
Somethng to be learned here though “Never Assume Anything.” At least John K asked and even said “please” a lot a folks would have jumped all over John L.
Papa, not necesarily , up until she was 8 or so my daughter thought we lived in the HUGE Nited States of America. Ironic I thought, and we still use the term, sometimes as Nighted (benighted).
any other explinations? [I didn’t chek the original (no link) so maybe this is a Faux Pas] it’s a Mason plot.
Btw I never critcize any body’s spelling , look at mine. 'Less it makes the post unintentionaly funny, ironic or a totally different question. Then it gets a “way to go” but not a criticism.

Signitorily yours, Mr John
" Pardon me while I have a strange interlude." -Marx
ARROW? Officer, I didn’t even see any Indians

Sorry, JL. My sarcasm was misplaced. Looking at the currency, the last time I was in Ireland, I was only able to identify James Joyce. I still don’t know who the sister on the fiver is! (It is the fiver, isn’t it?)

OK, Im sorry,… my figures regarding how many high school students may be wrong…
… but I swear, about two years ago I was reading an article concerning a study done on
High School kids and their knowledge of their history and, I kid you not, some of the findings were amazing. there was something like 7% who couldn’t tell who the first President was, and either it was 5% or 15% (I cant remember correctly) that couldnt
tell who Abe Lincoln was… no shit.
By the way… The Nun on the 5 pound note
is Catherine McCauley who founded the Sisters
of Mercy. The Building behind her is a hospital they founded (called the Mater Hospital)… useless information… but, whatever

HEY I am not cricizing any one. Some of you who have been here longer than me have seen some truly crass r4eplies. ( I have a son who is dyslexic and you should see some of the stuff he gets)
JL no shit is right have you ever seen that thing that Jay Leno does? goes out on the street and asks people things like ‘How many stars on US flag?’ Who did we fight in the Revolution? When was the Revolution? God save the Republic! We are in deep doodoo folks. I was hoping that it took them hours to find enough stupid people but I read that it is one of the easiest and quickest bits they do.( read somewhere? A classic SD citation)

mr. john - I don’t think it’s as dire as the Leno bit seems to indicate. Keep in mind that they are interviewing people who have nothing better to do on a weekday than walk around on the streets of Burbank! These are the same people that line up for hours to see a taping of “Wheel of Fortune”.

Papa, as opposed to the truly brilliant people who have nothing to do all day but post all over SD? ( 3 fingers are pointed at me) Saw one of those off the wall cartoons once, Announcer was introducing contestants on game shows.
JEOPARDY " This is Frederick, Fred is an internationaly renowned surgeon, holder of the Nobel Prize for literature, and in his spare time works on quantum physics."
WHEEL OF FORTUNE: “This is BOB, Bob is fascinated by small shiny objects.”

I know someone who was interviewed on that Leno spot once… he knew the game, and deliberately appeared to be stupid. If he’d answered the questions correctly, he wouldn’t have been on the air, so he just gave wild-ass responses and sure enough, got aired. Bottom line: don’t put too much credence in it, it’s not a random sample.

Maybe it is a bit far-fetched to assume that Jay Leno’s game is an accurate account of peoples knowledge, but they cant all be giving wrong answers just to appear on tv for a couple of seconds…

and if they are… is that not saying something?

Oh sure I agree about faking it. When brand x is shooting comparison commercials are you gonna say brand z and mis your big chance to be on tv? Don’t every one go off on a rant about the authenticity of the commercial in general. BUT every year at the state fair hundreds of peolpe wait in line to take the Pepsi Challenge. That’s thousands over the month the fair runs. Way I figure there is a finite ,oops, FIXED amount of inteligence in the world and as the population increases…
BTW It is a proven fact there is no corelation between ability to spel and intelligentz.

JohnLarrigan wrote:

John, I have news for you. There is NO SUCH THING as a 13-sided U.S. coin! The Susan B. Anthony dollar contains a picture of an ELEVEN-sided polygon! Sheesh!

Conspiracy theories. You can’t live with 'em, and you can’t shoot 'em.

Dex, why didn’ you lock this thread up B 4 i replied and made it 14 replies? Encrease the anti-AntiMason 13 conspiracy. dele this post( wink squink wiggle finger with thumb down elbow up secret handshake)