14,000 Hamas with Egyptian citizenship


Egypt TV announced that Egypt’s Ministry of Interior is collecting all the information of Hamas members who were given Egyptian citizenship by ousted President Mohammed Morsi when he was in power.

Egypt recently announced they would close all Hamas offices and businesses and seize all the assets that they opened under Morsi after declaring the MB a terrorist group.
It’s said that 14,000 Hamas members with MB terrorist links will have citizenship revoked.**

The USA refuse to declare the MB a terrorist group.

Egypt and the Gulf (apart from Qatar) really cracking down on the MB jihadists in recent weeks following Morsi removal.

Egyptian TV Nile News

Good job arresting those Hamas guys, Egypt. The people of Israel salute you.

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Hamas aren’t a terrorist group, they are a social organisation and a political party. Last time I looked they were the elected government of the Gaza Strip, which borders Egypt.

Well, they do all that and also shoot rockets and use suicide bombers. I think that’s what gets them called terrorists. Not the social welfare stuff or politcal stuff…all the terrorism.