15,000 posts in one year: does the Professor get a prize?

Earlier today Prof. Pepperwinkle hit 15,000, and he hasn’t even reached 365 days as a member (which is when tracking begins, I believe). Unfortunately I didn’t mark the lucky message and can’t remember its content, but I was an eye-witness.

Is that a record?

If so, what’s his prize?

What would be most appropriate?

What sort of tracking are you talking about?

You know, people you’ve met, what books you read, if you play tuba…

Oh, he is a prize.

But he couldn’t even figure out how to get the castaways off the island.

Remember when it was a Very Big Deal when Handy was approaching 10,000 posts?

Game Room Free Association thread. Here’s the bit of the chain:

How do we know Prof pepperwinckle is just one person and not many? How do I know if you’re just one person? How do you know if I’m just 1 person? How do I know if I’m just 1 person? Sometimes I get confused.

And how can you be so sure that I’m a dog?

Oh come on; everyone knows you’re a jackass!

1/4 of those are in the “Questions Only” thread :slight_smile:

Why isn’t there an answers only thread?

Because it would be boring to have a thread of people posting “42”.

A pair of mittens?

Dunno if this is true. Maybe he was a Guest for some period of time before being a member, and Guest posts may count too, though the number isn’t visible until Membership makes it so.

Has he ever posted outside the Game Room?

He is clearly the pseudonym of Nicolas Bourbaki.


Yes. He’s adorable.

“Most pasty”

Nicolas Bourbaki is the pseudonym for a group of mathemeticians who published under 1 name - I had to look it up on Wikipedia, pretty cool reference though.