1600 Penn 1/10

Anyone see this? What were your thoughts?

What are your thoughts? I’m not crazy about Jenna Elfman, and I didn’t think the promos were all that funny. So I didn’t watch.

My thoughts were that it wasn’t bad, I’m not an Elfman fan either.

I don’t know if I’ve seen enough to set the DVR to tape every episode, but it has some promise.

My wife and I watched it last evening, if for no other reason than we usually watch NBC on thursdays (BBT is DVR’d).

I was pleasantly surprised, as was she. Expected a train wreck, but laughed out loud multiple times, enjoyed the characters (I need to like the characters- otherwise I am just put off- why I hated “Raymond”.) The eldest so could have easily been a one-trick pony, but he really had the best lines, and is the heart of the family and the show.

In short- I enjoyed both episodes, despite the fact that I had not intended to watch, and am looking forward to seeing more episodes.

The actor is also one of the creators/writers/producers of the show.

I haven’t seen the promos, I didn’t even know it was on. I actually enjoyed *Dharma and Greg *for a few years, but hated here last show.

I thought it was abysmal, and I shut it off part way through. If people here think it’s good, I’ll give it another shot.

I saw the pilot and Josh Gad needed to be toned down by 90%. But he’s “also one of the creators/writers/producers of the show.” The big question is whether the show will survive long enough for the rest of the creators/writers/producers of the show to slap him in the head and tell him his character needs to stuff it.


Just watched the first two episodes. I didn’t hate it, but I suspect it will have to get much better if it is going to survive.

That and it will have to get better for me to continue to watch it.

It’s better than Whitney, so there’s that.


I quite like Jenna Elfman when she has a good character to play, and the younger kids seem to have potential. But Skip is so grating I don’t know if I can sit through another episode.

Poor Bill Pullman seems utterly lost.

So, is today our Independence Day?

Bump? I like this show.

You, maybe, but not enough others. It got cancelled.


I watched it and won’t miss it. It wasn’t horrible, but putting a family sitcom in the White House was a damn hard premise to pull off, Veep shows it works better as a workplace comedy. The fact that they made a tweenage First Daughter character a budding lesbian and the world hardly noticed was interesting. Also, a strange costuming choice towards the end of the series when Hot First Lady/Mom/Jenna Elfman was wearing what looked like a Eternity slave (the BDSM kind) collar for an episode.

(Figured for sure this was a bumped by a spammer thread.)

I assumed it was cancelled but I felt like it was strangely compelling for whatever reason. I can also see why it didn’t resonate with a lot of people - or any really.

I also saw the bit about the daughter being potentially a lesbian but wasn’t sure if that was the angle they originally intended. She’s too young to have serious feelings and inquiries as to her orientation and too old to be naively blase about going against convention.