16mm spy camera cartridges

Are film cartridges for miniature 16mm ‘spy’ cameras still available?

Note that I’m talking about a film camera that uses the 110-type cartridges, only with 16mm film.

That will probably depend on the manufacturer. IIRC the Minox was the most widely known brand, at least during the peak of 35mm photography, although there were other makes. What kind do you have?

I think my mom had a Minolta. It’s been about 30 years since I’ve seen it. It may be in her house. Weren’t/aren’t the cartridges standard between models (like 110)?

I wonder if 16mm movie film can be loaded into cartridges?

Actually, looking at eBay, it might be a Minox.

It might fit, but standard C41 processing won’t remove the anti-halation backing from cine film. You’d need to find a lab that will process a tiny amount of cine film, whereas most cine labs demand a minimum of 100ft.