17' of pay; no water contact

I doubt that cryptic title will draw many. It doesn’t matter.

I didn’t really get uptight about this well until we got it down yesterday evening. I really didn’t need another dry hole, as my last two were.

Well, I just got the word - it came in exactly as I predicted. 17’ of gas pay, structurally as mapped. Seis/strat plays have a way of going wrong. This one went right. Pipe is on the way.

That is all.

Caught my attention–many congratulations!

What formation is it in? Some of your Gulf Coast Cretaceous stuff, I assume? What’s the structure–Salt Dome?


It’s basal Frio, on the flank of a shale diapir. I tend to think of these shale diapirs (I know it’s not correct) as little baby salt domes.

Drew me too.

I used to work Frio thru Wilcox at the DCRC Ranch in Duval Co.


Congrats! The only thing I understand is that you found water.

What’s a gas pay? A seis/strat play? Are they ways of probing to find the most favorable spot to drill?

Why didn’t you just use a dowsing rod? (kidding!)

Umm, congrats, I guess. I didn’t understand a single thing you said, but the overall tone sounded like a happy one.

Move along, nothing to see here, show’s over, ignore the idiot in the 6th post. /policeman/

If Ringo says there’s gas, dammit there’s gas!

I just hope this one turns out better than his last projection.

With Ringo on the job there’s no worries mate!

You’re right! No one has his analytical prowess!

Yeah the boss says there’s a promotion for him in the works for him.

I hear he even helps Canadian kids in his free time.

I think that new engineerhasher eye on him.

No, Ringo has only one true love, his job!

Sorry; jargon can be inscrutable. We drilled a successful natural gas well. Seis/strat means that an element critical to trapping in the prospective reservoir depended on the occurence of a stratigraphic change in the rock column, and such was predicted from the interpretation of the seismic data.

And thanks for the updated resume there, astro.

D’oh! Not water after all.

Thanks for explaining.

Nice shootin’, Tex.

How far down? A 17’ pay in that area will have what first-year, and what decline curve? Was it on the gathering system?

C’mon, man, we need details!

First hole?

17’ ain’t nothing. We just drilled out on the Matterhorn field and had around 200’ of nice light crude. Sweet (yes, really)

Yeah, well, Tapioca, congrats (and I mean that) and I bet you turned a pretty penny more than I did to get that hole down. We’ll make money on this one.

7200 feet manny, and a tubing completion. Decline? Reserves? I must consult my political officer!!!

That goes for you, as well, Tranq! (No, second hole - the first one was pulled too hard - hey! we’re a public company, what can I say? - and coned in the water). Now we’re free to exploit the secondary reserves in the coned well now that it doesn’t exist strictly to hold acreage. FTR, this was the 6th well drilled into a very good field that my intitial well tested in 1999.

A recovery well is never as exciting as a wildcat - I just needed this right now.

And good luck with your endeavors, guys.

Congratulations Ringo!

We are still drilling in M sand at 4500m (offshore Norway) hopfully only about 200m to go before running screens and then I get to go home before the lower completions start!

Thanks Ringo, but I’m just a monkey boy, not making decisions (or taking a %). Now, if I was back in Yemen, I’d be back drilling in our little granite reservoir. That was fun!

Where are you ems? Last time Jer war in Norge (sp???), I was hhaving a sek of fun in Hammerfest.

I am (currently!) working out of Bergen.

I love it here it is fantastic :smiley:

Heh! There are a few of us here, are’n’t there?

Those apostrophes just rode into to town and acted liked they owned everything.