19" LED TV--Price to ask for at Pawn Shop.

I’ve little experience in selling things to a pawn shop.
I have a 19 inch LED TV, HD.

A 19LG30 Model, from LG. Complete, with remote.

I intent to buy a larger model, on sale.

I wish to sell the old one.

It works fine, I just want to get a larger screen, a 23", which I will buy new, not from the pawn shop.

What should I ask for?

Search ebay and ask for half of the asking price. It is nothing special so I wouldn’t ask for anything crazy.

There’s a used one on offer at Amazon for $180. My WAG is that someone might pay $150 for one. A pawn shop might tell you they’d sell it for $100. I think you’d be lucky to get $50 for it.

Ask the pawnbroker how much he’ll give you. Ask for a little more than double that. Negotiate to a point higher than his initial offer. If he insists you name a price first, ask for $200. (Note: My pawn shop experience is pretty much limited to watching Pawn Stars.)


Pawn shop prices are rarely in line with reality. They deal with socioeconomic losers, both as borrowers and buyers, and tend to be the kind that love all their junk so much they fondle it at night. I wouldn’t expect a reasonable price on any basis, and you’d probably get a fairer shake from an eBay seller should there prove to be anything wrong with it.

It’s nothing rare or special. It’s a small, cheap TV from a second-tier maker. You can do just as well looking around a bit, and probably better.

Pawn shop prices are very much in line with reality – pawn shop reality. From what I have observed on Pawn Stars, they buy for about a third of fair-market value, and sell for as much as they can get, usually two-thirds. People who want the cash are OK with this deal, because selling it for FMV is too difficult or too time-consuming.

I’m guessing it’s more trouble than it’s worth what you’d get for it. Why not Freecycle it?

I have got to think that craigslist would be a better use of time.

I’m not sure there’s much of a market for a small, six and a half year old TV. But ask whatever you want - I doubt you’ll get more than $50 for it though.

You can buy a new 28" LED SmartTV for $200, 32" for $240, 40" for $330, 42" for $350 at Costco right now. You’d be lucky to get $25 for a used 19".

Do you have a local garage sale site on your FB? That’s how everything is sold where I live. There are 3 sites with hundreds of listings a day, and about 20 more with just a couple. The things I post always sell within a couple of minutes, then I arrange to meet the buyer within a mile or 2.

Reinforcing the above about pawn shops. Ask for $10, take $5.

In other words: sell it via any other method.

Older electronics like that aren’t really worth anything on their own. You MAY be able to sell it for $25 or so if you live in an area with some type of transient and/or poor population who just wants a TV now and only cares if it works today. You aren’t going to get more than $10 - $20 for it at a pawn shop. They will mark it up to $75 and sit on it for a while until someone dumb enough buys it at a ‘steal’ for $50. You could put it on Craigslist yourself for $50 and take the first person who offers over $25 for it if you just want to sell it quickly.

I don’t have a working camera.

My mom got a 19" 1080p LCD TV for $40 last summer from a major retailer. Granted, that was a hell of a bargain, but still, says to me no way is a pawn guy gonna pay $50 for a used one unless it’s gold plated or studded with diamonds.

You don’t really need one. Just describe any dings very well. The person buying it will see it before they pay you, and can turn it down if they have an issue.

I also agree with the suggestion of your local FB buy/sell group. Mine’s very active, and doesn’t have the scammers and no-shows like craigslist. I see things sold without pictures quite often.

Unless you’re living on Ramen give it away to a kid or college student you know. The used value is almost negligible to the point of it not being worth the time to photograph, describe and post on CL or gas and time to take to the pawn shop.