1928 Mercedes - found after 60 years in a garage

Car restorers dream of cars like this. Safely stored in a garage for 60 years. It looks nearly in new condition. Surprising because it was apparently driven from 1928-1950’s. Whoever drove it took remarkable care. Probably some rich guy with a chauffeur that washed it every day.

Amazing pictures of a world we only see in books.

I want one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Other than the leather, that thing is in beautiful condition.

What does it say about me that my first thought was “who hasn’t cleaned their garage in 60 years?”

It’s a beautiful piece though. I’d drive it, even as is.


Omigod, Thelma Todd’s skeleton is in the driver’s seat!

“60 years of rusting away in a garage”? Clearly not.

Reminds me of the pics that were doing the rounds a few years ago with dozens of old cars hidden away in an overgrown barn. Turns out that story wasn’t quite as it was presented, though. Link.

I found three new, unopened cans of spray paint I had forgotten about in my garage last weekend and thought I had hit paydirt. I guess my garage is less interesting than other garages.

Oh wait, I could send them the spray paint to spruce up that car! Good idea?

Those legendary finds. Stuff left in a garage. Books on someone’s shelf that they don’t realize have value (found a few of those!). In guitar circles, they are referred to as “under the bed” guitars based on where unused guitars often end up (found one - an old rockabilly electric I got for a song).

Very cool - thanks for sharing.

When I saw the 60 years I was hoping that it was a 500k, My favorite car ever, Then I read the year. Still nice, but no 500k

Here’s another:


Nice car.

Can’t say the same about the Daily Fail’s writer, though:

No wonder the students in my classes don’t know or care about using apostrophes correctly. There’s apparently hardly anyone left who does.

I was hoping for an SSKL. I don’t think there are any genuine ones known to still exist.

I hope that Prick-a-Lick Leno doesn’t end up with it. He’s got too much good shit as it is.

Thats terrible.


I had a good friend in South Dakota whose grandfather bought a new Lincoln every year for ten years in a row. He drove from the dealer to a warehouse he owned and parked the car and that was it. He did put them on blocks and he did periodically start the engines; otherwise the cars just sat. IIRC, he began buying them in the mid to late 1970s; I personally saw several of them but not all. Probably worth a ton of money when the old guy died.

I like this comment -


I believe any garage in which a car has been hidden for more than 50 years is officially a barn, anyway. Car nuts never talk about “garage finds.”

My in-laws’ neighbor got sick and had to move in with his children. He asked Pop, who asked us, to sort out the stuff in the unattatched garage for sale.
When we opened the garage, inside was a 1954 Hudson Hollywood Hornet* with less than 3000 miles on it. We put a new battery, changed the oil and it started up. It sold in the small town where they live for a couple thousand.

  • Just an example, it was the same color, but a bit faded.