1960's BATMAN TV Show: Where is the Batmobile?

As i recall, the “batmobile” was a Lincoln with modifications. I don’t recall if the thing actually ran-I remember they were always in the car when stopped. Anyone know where this car resides today?

Don’t know where it is today, but it wasn’t a Lincoln, it was a concept car called the Ford Futura.

It was customized into the Batmobile, but they didn’t do much to it beyond painting it black.

It looks like it’s here (go to Vehicle Index) though whether that’s just one of many I don’t know.

Unless it has been moved in the past decade, it’s not at that museum in England. I saw it on display in a museum out west – in Las Vegas, I think.

The original Batmobile is still owned by its creator, George Barris, who also built three fiberglass replicas, which are owned by others. The straight dope on all four cars.

Has it lost a wheel?

Maybe they just have the Matchbox model at that English museum…

Oh, it is a Lincoln all right, also says so in your URL and the bottom of the page. No idea why the page’s title says “Ford”.

Why, so it does! My bad. Although, of course, Lincolns are ultimately fords.

According to the Wikipedia article, Barris replaced the Futura’s chassis and drivetrain with Ford equipment for the series. So I guess it’s really a Lincoln/Ford. :slight_smile:

Looks to be in a museum in Reno Nevada link

Damn, took me too long to reply. A closer look around leads me to believe that the car in the museum is most likely one of the other replicas made by Barris. While I can find nothing that definately says where the car’s current exact location is, it’s pretty clear he still owns it. From what I can tell on his site, it looks like he tours with it fairly often.

Thanks for the replies! Great info! I remembere reading about Batmobile #1-man-5500 lbs! That must have been a real dog to put into a “Bat Turn”! Of course, i doubt that it was driven all that much-it was mostly a prop.

A Batmobile - can’t be sure whether it was the original or one of the duplicates, but it was supposed to be the original - was shown at the World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim last year. (Along with the Deloran from Back to the Future, the ambulance from Serenity, a Mad Max car, the Men in Black car, and the original bridge of TOS Star Trek, along with a dozen other icons.)

For a $10 donation to charity you could sit in the Batmobile and have pictures taken of yourself by “Robin.”

Let’s just say that the inside of the Batmobile is very cool. Everything is labeled!

Wikipedia says the original is the Petersen Automotive Museum. Apparently they’re right.

Last Xmas.

According to Adam West in an Esquire “What I’ve Learned”:

I tried to follow the Batmobile once but I lost it on the outskirts of town when I was stopped by this barricade. I thought about driving around it, but it didn’t look safe.

Don’t you mean the bat-i-cade? :wink:

Given that the car had a 426, I’m assuming he means the speed at which the car was filmed; about half that for the footage of them exiting the Batcave.