1970 VW Beetle VINYL seats?

A friend of mine has a 1970 VW Beetle (which she’s owned since it was new), and the seats are worn out. She does not want leather seats, nor does she want cloth-and-vinyl seats or cloth seats. She wants brown all-vinyl seats like the originals. She needs the foam cushions as well.

Does anyone know of a source for an upholstery kit?

You might want to source the supplier of the company in Mexico thats building them brand new.

But closer to home i would guess that almost anything can be recreated or has replacement sets. There should be bug forums and what not, for this and other paraphenalia.


Beetle seat pads in genuine hair

Seat covers and assorted knobs and things

(Never done business with these people, but they came up near the top of a Google search and seem pretty thorough in their listings of model years and what the paint / upholstery colors were.)

[url=http://www.cip1.com/]These folks go beyond seats - looks like you can buy every possible part for the car - little screws, on up to doors, fenders and engines.

Johnny Doing a Google on VW beetle interior parts yielded about 720,000 hits.
Now some of these don’t have interior parts, and some are for new beetles, but this site was near the top, and it looks like they can handle the mission.

These folks…

Thanks. I’ve sent her the links.