1970s : Saturday Night Fever :: 1980s: ???

Sugarland Express ?

Not if done properly. Saturday Night Fever is a prime example of the '70s disco scene. I think the problem is that disco culture didn’t really hit its stride until 1975, which leaves half a decade unaccounted-for.

I can’t tell if you’re razzing me or if you don’t know about Steven Spielberg’s theatrical directing debut.

My vote goes to Wall Street. The '80s were a time of go-go capitalism, income disparity, Yuppies, etc. Wall Street shows all of that, especially when they show the contrast between Bud’s fancy Wall Street life and the lives of the airline mechanics.

A lot of the other movies mentioned were teen movies. The Breakfast Club certainly was the ultimate '80s movie for me, as I was just the right age for it, but I don’t think it really reflected larger societal trends.

The 80s doth speaketh to me through that brilliantly conceived (and performed) artistic endeavor known as The Pirate Movie

The singing! The dancing! The hair!

Also without a “K”. :wink:

I know the film, just curious as to your reasoning, as it didn’t resemble my life in the 70s at all. Did it yours?

Gotcha, you want me to 'splain. I’ve never been on the run from the law and was just a kid at the time. I was also living in a hick Midwest town, not much different than the east Texas towns that Lou Jean and Clovis kept stopping in. So, yeah, I think that movie is a good example of mid-'70s small-town life if one disregards the protagonists.


Makes sense to me now, thanks.

Personally I’d vote for Fast Times at Ridgemont High as the ultimate '80s film.

The 80’s are summed up in these movies:

About last night
The Big Chill
S:t Elmo’s fire
and for me personally:
Repo Man

Crap, I’ll nominate “The River’s Edge”.

I was just in grade school until the latter years of the 1980’s, but to me Top Gun seems to define the period very well. After a couple of decades of mostly anti-war military films this came out and made the military cool to a generation of people. It was around that exact time that the U.S, bombed Libya as well, and I think that year every boy in my school wanted to fly an F-16 when he grew up because of that movie.

Call me crazy, but I don’t know if the whole Persian Gulf War and the subsequent - mostly air based - military campaigns of the United States would have gone over quite the same if this movie didn’t create a new image for the movie and for air power.

On a lighter note, the Top Gun soundtrack (“Take My Breath Away”) is also pure '80’s… and it had Tom Cruise, playing a typically cocky 80’s type once again. And not to mention Val Kilmer AND Anthony Edwards.

Red Dawn was an interesting shift in movies. It signified something, if I don’t know what. The shift from adult-focused movies to teen as primary moneymakers? Also, how about Tron?

Wall Street?

“Give me a happy ending
Every time!”

“Mabel, your goosebumps have grown!”


For myself, I’d have to say the first Decline of Western Civilization, Repo Man or Rock and Roll High School. If this were a game show question though, I’d say Fast Times.