1972 Democratic telethon?

While watching a rerun of “All In The Family” on TV Land, mention was made of something that I had never heard of.

In the episode, Mike inherits $200 and plans to donate it to the McGovern presidential campaign. Of course this sets Archie off, but Mike and Gloria talk about how the Republicans have $30 million, and the Democrats had to have a telethon to raise money.

Did this really happen? Can you imagine if that was tried today, by any party?


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Couldn’t find a reference to a 1972 telethon, but I did find a 1973 reference.

I definitely remember a Democratic telethon, although I don’t remember the year. Jackie Cooper was one of the “hosts.”

I believe that the Democrats had telethons in 1972, 73, and 74. Changes in campaign financing rendered them obsolete.

The Democrats needed the telethons to raise money to pay off the campaign debts of 1968(!).