1972 Dragracing Electric Datsun Car!

This thing is freaking sweet! I want one! And its green, man…

I should say that the car is a 1972…not when the video is from. Title is misleading.

I think it is super cool, but how do we know that his source for electricity is not a coal fired plant?

/me likey!

I wonder what its range is?

LOL…we are going to be burning coal for quite some time I would guess, and the more we can reduce emissions from cars then we are at least doing something about excess pollution.

Don’t know…I’d guess not a lot, especially driving it the way he does. Heck, the video points out that he needs to recharge for 20 minutes after a single high speed run down the drag strip. I just think its more cool as an engineering project, and a true sleeper car (well, except for all those racing stickers!). It is also funny to see him blow doors on a Corvette. That initial burst of acceleration is frankly pretty impressive.

The Kilocycle sounds like a giant slot car going down the track.

That thing is terrifying to behold!

Part of the video shows him driving around town. I still can’t tell how far that could go on a charge, but for racing he wants to top off the batteries for peak performance. Normal drain for around town cruising would be minimal in comparison. I would guess the range at 70-80 miles because the local high school kid built an electric Datsun truck five years ago that went that far on fewer batteries. He used a lift truck motor hooked to the manual trans. His total investment was $6,000.

Even if it was, it’s still more efficient overall…

That is one pathetic drag strip. Car looks like fun though. Wonder how much it cost to build?

Yep. Looks fun as hell, though.

Right, but they claimed more than once that the car produced zero emissions. While technically true, it is very misleading. The car is definitely *responsible *for unwanted emissions, in that it draws it’s power from a coal burning plant. The suggestion that if everyone drove electric cars there would be no air pollution is patently false.

In a head smacking moment I just looked up his websiteto answer all my questions. It will go 90 miles in town and 110-120 on the highway. Zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds. He’s using 2 motors in series tied directly to a drive shaft and then a Ford 9" differential. Pretty straight forward.

He is indeed running pollution free at the strip because it’s hydro-electric power feeding that area.