1972 Munich Olympics and The Planet of the Apes

While I was watching the Olympics last night with my wife, we began discussing past Olympics and memories that they invoked, and I began discussing the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. As my wife is several years younger than me, she was only an infant during those Olympics. I was around 7 and I vividly remember the Special New Reports about the Isreali hostages and murders and how much of the entire Olympics that year were overshadowed by those events.

While we would refer to the Palestenians that carried out those acts as terrorists, today. In 1972, the media used the term “armed guerrillas”. At seven, I had never heard the term guerrillas, and since it was not in written form but spoken, my mind heard, “armed gorillas”. Sometime prior to the '72 games, I had seen the Planet of the Apes, with Charlton Heston. That movie had lots of “armed gorillas”. I remember that as the hostage crisis developed, I thought that the take-over of the world by primates was beginning. It wasn’t until later that my mom clarified the difference between guerrilla and gorilla.:smack:

“You keep your paws off me you damned dirty Palestinian!”

You’re smarter than me. I was 7 in 1972, have no contemporary memory of the summer Olympics or the hostages/killings, and I specifically remember learning what a guerilla was in 5th grade, when we learned about homophones.

I’m about the same age, and I remember watching the opening ceremonies of the Games, and a few other moments, but not the hostage taking so much.

It could be that in the years since, I’ve seen documentaries and reports on the massacre, and that has blurred into anything I might remember about it from when it happened. But the ceremonies and the end of the marathon I’ve only seen once.

I remember from when I was a kid I thought that the US was fighting gorillas in Vietnam. And that all black people were “Black Panthers”. Ah, the Summer of Love in San Francisco. I couldn’t figure out why everybody wanted to hate Ashbury. And I loved to chew on my sweatshirt sleeves. Dumb as a puppy I was.

I was 6 years old when my 1st grade teacher announced to the class that the President had been shot & killed in Texas. I had visions of George Washington going down in an old west gunfight.

When I was a kid I thought Adolf Hitler had a younger brother named Hal who was his second-in-command. He was the guy the Germans were always talking about when they said “Hal Hitler” to each other.

Don’t ask me what I thought was going on during a debate about Youth In Asia.

When I was around, I don’t know, maybe 6 or 7 years old, I heard a story on the news about gorillas holding some Americans hostage. When the people were eventually released, they said that they had been allowed to watch television. I was EXTREMELY confused as to where those gorillas got the electricity for the TVs.

I was five in 1972 and we had a neighbor named Colonel Wallace (we lived on Parris Island). The Wallaces had a cat named George. When news came out that George Wallace (segregationist former Gov of Alabama running for President at the time) had been shot, we were quite confused on why someone would want to shot that nice kitty.

I was 11 yrs old in the summer of 1972. I have no recollection of the Berlin games, whatsoever.

My family owned a summer camp. We had a TV, a little Black and White one, but the reception was terrible.

For the record, I only have a vague recollection of the Sapporo games.

Of course you wouldn’t. Those were in 1936. :wink: