1984--WVU vs. Penn State

I remember this game fondly as a kid. We finally beat Penn St. but I didnt remember the chaotic end!

What a sportsman Joe Paterno was/is. Could WVU have had to forfeit the game had Paterno insisted on it?

I think the OP intended this link instead:


Wow. I don’t remember that, and that is insanity. Good on Paterno.

Yes. Thank you.

It’s good that college football has gotten these retractable goal posts to prevent that kind of stuff.

Well do I remember watching all that on TV. And in addition to what was shown, I’m sure Sunnyside was bright as day, illuminated by the glow of burning couches. A couple of years ago, when OSU’s Tressel had his first victory over Michigan, the first victory over Michigan in years, and much was made of a burning couch or two in the news coverage of the aftermath, I said, as only a WVU grad could, “You call THAT couch burning? HA!”

Papa Joe was/is definitely a class act.