1995: ignorance began to triumph in congress - The need for impartial science in gov.

Or, here comes the science!

But first, an example of other ignorance in congress:

Ignorance, and by this time I have to say planned ignorance. The question here is who is controlling the flow of information to the members of congress.
In a previous discussion it was proposed that lobbies have taken over on what congress deems important to be aware of, but for this discussion I want to concentrate on the scientific part of this planned ignorance that began in 1995:



From misleading information on WMDs to being taken for a ride on the Schiavo case, there is IMO a dire need to restore the OTA or create a stronger and efficient independent office to clear the BS.


Do you think the OTA or other agencies are needed to help prevent the gross oversights of today’s congress?

Why? They never paid any attention to the OTA before.

Have you ever paid any attention to quotes? :dubious:

Meant to put a :wink: too in that last post.

It is interesting to note that Rick Santorum was involved in killing the OTA, easier now to pass BS as good policy.