1996 geo tracker. overheating and oil coming out the dipstick

hey there, I have a 1996 geo tracker and the other day it started heating up on me and when i got home there was oil leaking and coming out the dipstick. The next day i got the oil level back up started it and it ran just fine and didnt leak till i took it for a little drive then it got warm and leaked again. It still runs great and theres no oil in the antifreeze. to me it seems like somethings plugged. any ideas?

How is the temperature gauge?

PCV valve might be clogged, but I don’t think that would make it overheat.

You said no oil in the antifreeze, but how about the reverse. You have two symptoms. It overheated and blew out oil from the dipstick. That suggests a blown head gasket and pressure in the crankcase from it. When it cooled down, it seemed OK. This will not cure itself. At this stage you need to decide whether you or anybody will repair it. Is the vehicle worth repairing? I know I’m ahead of myself here as a certain diagnosis is still needed. You may be in the early stages, but this will develop quickly. Antifreeze in the crankcase will quickly destroy the engine and make it scrap.

hasnt worked for bout six months bust started to when this happened. it never got in the red but the needle never moved till this happened.

Gotta agree, from experience. You have a blown head gasket. Your crankshaft bearings are now shot, and your engine will seize and die very soon. Your vehicle is junk.