1st Birthday present

Oh no! Its my nephew’s first birthday, and I’ve plum forgot. What can I get him, and what can I get him now?

I’m think along the lines of online gift certificate. But what is best? eToys, Barnes & Noble, giftcertificate.com?

PLEASE HELP!!! I have two hours!

Oh, and I should add that I live in Indiana, and the little nipper is in Kansas. So I’m really thinking online = good.

amazon.com might be good, because they also (now) have toys in addition to books.

Excellent. I’m not even going to look around, ain’t got the time. Amazon it is. Thanks, man.

Damn do I feel like the worst uncle ever.

I have no ideas, but I am pretty sure that the kid won’t remember one way or the other if his gifts all arrived on time.

If the parents can’t handle it, tell them to grow up.

I would say, however, that a gift certificate seems like more of a gift for the parents than the kid. eToys or Amazon’s toy section could probably recommend toys by age (and if they don’t provide such a search option, they should).

I usually give bath toys to a one year old.


I don’t know why.

Dr. Suess books are always good. Even if the kid’s too young to understand, he’ll enjoy the rhythm of the words.

Go ahead and get him ready for his adulthood now. Give him socks and a tie.

I’ll agree with Lynn (and not just to kiss up, either) Having parents read to the kids can’t be anything but good for the child, and this could be something to enjoy for years. When I lived with my ex-fiance and her 4-year-old son, he loved when I read Dr Seuss books to him at bedtime. He especially liked Oh Say Can You Say so he could laugh his 4-year-old butt off at me if I messed up one of the tongue twisters.