2.5" hard drive question

I’m looking to upgrade my MacBook’s hard drive. What I’d like to do is get a new internal hard drive and an external case, put the new drive in the case, copy everything over, then swap the drives. Would this case work with this hard drive?

The enclosure you linked to is for PATA, not SATA drives.

Well, poop. Do you know of a good enclosure that has both Firewire and USB and is compatible with that hard drive?

How old of a macbook are we talking? it may have a PATA drive

I just last week replaced my hard drive with a larger one and used this cloning software. It works with Mac or PC, PATA or SATA, comes with the cloning software and the external enclosure, and is super super easy–I have never done anything like this, and it was really very easy even for me.

This is a first generation MacBook. In System Profiler there’s an entry for Serial ATA, but not Parallel ATA.

Here is one that claims to cater for all 2 1/2" drives and has USB+Firewire.
From this collection.

Oh, the one I linked to only has USB, I think. But it works with either type of drive. You insert PATA drives in one direction, and SATA drives in the other.

Would this enclosure be compatible with the hard drive?