2 Arrested @ UCLA Selling Cadaver Parts--Which Of Your Parts Would Fetch The Most $ ?

Sounds like quite a macabre scandal. Two at UCLA Charged in Body Parts Probe:

It was just about 2 years ago that crematorium scandal broke in Georgia. In this new west coast case, once again it’s all about greed. It’s a disturbing story in which once again, the criminal mind continues to amaze.

If someone I knew one of the pillaged cadavers, I’d be more than a little incensed. But seeing as I don’t, I guess I can ask:

If your cadaver was stripped for parts, which one’s would fetch the most amount of money?

Me, I never get sick so I assume most of my organs are marketable.
My liver takes a little bit of a beating every now and again, so unless there was some old person buying it on the black market, I doubt it would be much of a bargain for a younger person.
I don’t think my eyes are all that valuable either. I’m a little near-sighted and they’re a very ununique dark brown. But for someone who couldn’t see at all, I guess the old, ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ rule would be in effect, and they’d fetch at least $5 each.

I’m gonna try & avoid guessing the value of any of my external parts (or reproductive organs)…but if I had to guess, I’d say my legs would would have the highest value.

What about you?

Seeing that you couldn’t prevent anyone from slicing you up while you’re on the slab in the morgue, which of your parts would be the first ones smuggled out in a beer cooler and sold out in the alley?

I saw that headline, wondered what they were stealing. Thanks for clarifying that.

As to your OP, I’d guess my arms and legs, which would fit your averge 6’ male (though I am only 5’9"). There’s nothing remarkable about the, but I figure there’s probably a decent market for working limbs these days. I suppose my brain could fetch a modest price as a novelty item…

Well, most of my guts are in good order…except my digestive system, which has always been a bit twitchy. And my eyes are out of focus. And forget the brain…the serotonin production system’s shot, and there’s a short somewhere between the basal ganglia and the orbital cortex.

The hands are OK—except for the right hand little finger, the tip of which has received some “minor” impact damage—but the wrists are probably just this side of carpel tunnel syndrome. (Too much web surfing…and Natasha Henstridge movies.)

The feet have had some work on 'em, so there shouldn’t be a risk of hangnails. Good arches on 'em, too.

Bicep muscles are OK, but the Pectorals were never installed.

The nostrils work, but tend to clog. But the beard works perfectly, and needs little maintinance. All teeth are in showroom condition, and the molars haven’t even erupted yet.

Pretty good teetth, only 3 cavities in 45 years.

Damn fine brain, but prone to depression.

Very good hearing.

Very productive sweat glands

High capacity bladder.

I have very low cholesterol. What organ is responsible for that? Kidneys. liver?

Pound for pound, my brain would be by far the most expensive part of my body.

Because they would have to kill a lot of mes to get a pound of brains.

There’s no telling how much someone would pay to get their hands on my sweet, sweet ass.

Well, e-bay won’t allow it - but you can try to auction it off here

Hey, I got my most valuable part right here buddy.

My eyes don’t work all that well, but I’m told they’re very pretty to look at. Maybe they’d make some fetching earrings or ben-wa balls.

As a UCLA alumnus, I can state that my LEAST valuable body part right now is my forehead.

Because I’m banging it against a wall.

“Why, oh why, does my school get all the embarrassing scandals?!?!”