2-Car Garage Makeover

I have a 2-car garage that currently looks a lot like this.

After having the house built, my wife and I decided to wait a bit before deciding how to finish it. Now that I have ordered my Tesla, discussed in this thread, we decided the time is now.

Although I have not yet determined how I want to finish the garage, I like this look for the garage floor a lot.

In preparation, and because yesterday was 65 degrees fahrenheit (in New Jersey, in mid January… unbelievable) I took the opportunity to clean out the garage, and sweep and power wash the entire floor. Although I could not place the floor coating today as it needs to be completely dry and the ambient temperature above 65 degrees, I wanted to get a head-start before tackling the job in early Spring.

Have any of you worked with the Rustoleum High-Gloss Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Kit and, if so, what were your results?

Also, I’d be interested in garage interior design ideas as other than wall-mounted storage, I am not sure what I want, other than that the design should be clean and tasteful.

A really cool thing to do is design it so once you take the cars out, you can use it as a party or gathering room.

So consider some good lighting or ceiling fans. make sure you have plenty of outlets. Some people even put in a sink.

You’re in New Jersey? I assumed you were in China, because of what’s in your location field.

Yes, I currently reside in New Jersey, I am hopeful for just a few more years, then back to Asia.

For your reference, the language in my location field is Japanese.

I didn’t see anything in the MPSIMS forum rules sticky about thread bumps. On the chance that I may be admonished I will bump this thread one time as I am very interested in getting opinions / insights from those who have finished or remodeled their garages before starting my DIY project in the Spring in order to have adequate time to plan.

The third link in my original post no longer works, so here is a link to an example of the look I like for my garage floor.

I have it both at home and in a large open “laboratory space” at my work. I didn’t install either, but both have held up very well for at least 6 years and 2 years, respectively. They look nice, but I don’t find that they are easier to clean though as any accumulated dirt (like sweeping remains, muddy footprints, etc.) show up very well. And also the sweeping doesn’t go as easily- it feels to me as if the broom bristles stick and/or the dirt does as well as it just takes longer to sweep with a lot more sweeps.

The guy at Home Depot recommended a glossy overcoat product that not only provides additional shine but supposedly makes sweeping / mopping easier and more efficient. I don’t know how true this is.

I can’t speak from experience, but when I build my garage, I’m going to go with a slat wall system.

It’s a clean look and you can change it as your needs change over the years.


I also love that… I’m also a fan of cabinets in different sizes on rollers. There are several shown in the link provided. You can easily move to sweep, and the smaller ones if stocked with specific tools can be wheeled to where you need them (I have one stocked for oil changes that I can move next to the car when needed.)

As far as flooring, I really like the tiles that you snap together. You can even make cool designs if you want. http://www.racedeck.com/?crtag=value&gclid=Cj0KEQiA5dK0BRCr49qDzILe74UBEiQA_6gA-sNqkuChQ6ANnbAczafZnNYbUnyPm77IJOuLYVUEoUcaAgwG8P8HAQ

My number one suggestion though is outlets. If you are getting a Tesla I assume you will have an electrician coming. Get more outlets than you think you will ever need. A small compressor is great for keeping the tire pressure up. Extra lights are nice when you are working on a car. If you have a car that you want to store for a while a trickle charger is needed. You will never complain that you have too many, but you will curse when you don’t have enough.