2 foot long caveman beards

If you’ve had a mustache, you know you have to trim it to keep from eating it. According to this and this, beards & mustaches keep growing. So how did pre-scissors cavemen keep the hair out of their mouths when they were eating raw mastodon etc? The only thing I can imagine is it was kept out of the way by being all matted & greasy. And what about their head hair? Greasy and matted too? Ponytail holders at the local store? Or did they just toss their heads like purty gurls?

Yeah, they probably didn’t keep it really clean and stain-free. Not everyone is capable of growing really long and bushy beards, so some probly didn’t have a lot to fuss about. North American indians have a tendancy to be pretty hair-free on the face, as do some other groups. If chipped properly, flint can have an edge sharp enough to shave with, although it most likely wasn’t very common to do so. I imagine that if a moustache was getting in the way they would just smear it off to the sides with whatever goo was on their hands at the time. If you really want to research the subject, go down to where ever the local street people eat and see what the guys with long mangy facial hair do when eating soup.

Perhaps they didd eat their beards, nibbling off the edges around their mouths.

I imagine they had something to cut the hair with, right?

I mean, how else would Racquel Welch have had such smooth looking legs in One Million Years B.C.?

Yeah it always bugs me when I see pictures of cavemen who are clean-shaven. And don’t even get me started on Tarzan movies.

Maybe they did what the Ainu of Japan do (traditionally). The Ainu have long, bushy facial hair and use “moustache lifters”, a flat stick about a foot long, to hold the hair on the upper lip out of the way of their food and beverages.

Y’all got it all wrong! I prefer to use my Braun Synchro :smiley:

“moustache lifters”–Ainu that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Knapping a blade sharp enough to shave or cut hair from flint or obsidian is not difficult.

They made spearheads to bring down that mastadon, and knives to butcher it, no? They didn’t have the Flowbee or styling mousse, but one imagines that they made do.

Seems to me the better question is what is long mustache hair’s genetic advantage? Evolution just isn’t that capricious.

Well, sure they could hack off lengths of hair, but hair on the upper lip even barely a few centimeters long gets in the mouth. Even using a very sharp knife it would be hard to trim something that was already so short.

To make men beeoootiful. So the current fashion of beardless is WRONG. Ooops, unless the adult male is genetically less hairy, like East Asians & Indians. And as for them, if evolution isn’t throwing dice (playing against God?), how come some groups are fairly hairless?