2 handed bowling legal?

Jason Belmonte is a competitive bowler on the PBA. He throws using 2 hands. His claim is he gets more revs and better carry. It may be true. Should it be legal?
It is being taught across the globe and may revolutionize the sport. Any problems with it?

All I know is that Animal bowls overhand.

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reading this:

implies the PBA doesn’t normally allow two handed bowling.
I say as long it is using just your body, (and you don’t go over the line) any tecqnique shoukld be legal (i.e I think kicking the ball shoukld be legal as well)

You might want to ba overhand since it could damage the floor


Just goes to show that there are numerous ways to skin a cat.

I’m not sure if that means exemptions to the normal playing rules, or exemptions to the normal participation rules. For example if he’s not a ranked player and they gave him an exemption to compete. That’s how I read it. It makes me think the PBA does not have a rule against two-handed throws.

Hmm, maybe I’ll try this in Wii bowling.

I don’t think so. I suspect the exemptions are because he is not a member of the PBA. Why would he be allowed to compete using an illegal technique?

This blows my mind. I accidentally discovered essentially the same technique last year. I’m weak, so I couldn’t get enough velocity and control with a 12 pound ball, but the 10 pounders didn’t have holes big enough for my big knuckles. Out of frustration I tried two fingers in a 10 pound ball, no thumb, and used my other hand for stability.
Holy crap I got it to curve.
Haven’t gotten the chance to try it since.

Video with a good view of the technique.

No, you definitely read that wrong. The exemptions mean that they allowed/are allowing an unranked player to compete, in exactly the same way the PGA and LPGA give exemptions into tournaments for exciting young talents like Michelle Wie (back when she was still an exciting young talent, and not a depressing near-failure). The PBA loves this kid because he’s actually bringing some global media attention to a sport that desperately needs it.

There’s certainly nothing illegal about it, it’s just very uncommon. But the early results seem to indicate that this could potentially do for bowling what the Fosbury Flop did for high jumping.

I remember back when my (late) husband bowled regional PBA tournaments there was a young guy that bowled two-handed. It wasn’t illegal then, but all the other bowlers hated that technique. I guess they felt like it was cheating.

He screwed up his elbow, IIRC. I’m not sure if it was because of the two-handed method.

The rpms he gets are fierce but I wonder how it is for lane adjustment? Is it as effective on oily lanes? What about arid?

Hmm- your interpretation makes more sense (they allowed a non pro into the PBA), but I would prefer a clear “there is no rule against two handed bowling” in the article


They allowed him to bowl in PBA tournies. That would indicate there is no rule. It does not mean there will not be. If it actually is a better way, it will redo the whole game. The PBA can either go along with it or ban it. It remains to be seen what they will do.